Two people have been killed and four are missing in a landslide on the Nu River in Yunnan province

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Source:People’s Daily online – yunnan channel Original manuscript’s nu river on April 2, April 3 (Reuters) at 1 PM, nujiang lisu autonomous prefecture in yunnan province country gongshan county township near highway management unexpected landslides during natural disasters, a total of six people were lost, 2 car repair shop, 1 scrap recycling points, 2 cars were buried, 1 hydrological station was washed away,Part of the highway administration house was damaged.According to the Dulong River “April 02” landslide natural disaster emergency response headquarters, as of 7 PM On April 3, search and rescue teams at the scene of the disaster found two victims.After the disaster, The Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, where Dulongjiang township is located, mobilized more than 200 rescuers and 14 machines to search and rescue people lost in the 4.02 landslide and mudslide.Dulongjiang township “4.02” disaster site machinery operation area is small, need a lot of manual work, coupled with the disaster site landslides, continuous rainy weather, slippery road, difficult rescue.Rescuers are using life detectors, thermal imaging instruments and other equipment, in conjunction with human search and search dogs, to search for the missing.Provincial, state, county level 3 emergency and natural resources to carry out disaster occurred hidden perils in safety and monitoring and early warning work, gongshan county cadres and workers, rural cadres in a timely manner to carry out the rescue and relief work and the crowd evacuation, appease lost family members, the transport sector to guarantee country road unobstructed, for rapid efficient rescue personnel and provide solid guarantee to carry out disaster relief work.According to preliminary statistics, the natural disaster of “4.02” landslide and mud-rock flow in Dulongjiang township resulted in 2 automobile repair points, 1 scrap iron recovery point was buried, 1 hydrology station was washed away, part of the houses of Dulongjiang Highway Management office were damaged, 68 people transferred to avoid danger, 4 people lost contact, 2 people died, and it is estimated to cause economic loss of about 486.55 million yuan.At present, the road from Gongshan county to the scene of the disaster in Dulongjiang township is basically normal, the grain, oil, vegetables and emergency clothes in Dulongjiang township are fully stocked, drinking water and communication are normal, electricity supply is basically restored, and people’s production and life order is stable.(Choi Shu-ching, Li Shou-wah)