Why did you come to Australia?

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Read navigation introduction “who fight fierce doesn’t fit me” and “what we don’t speak may be more suitable for human society” I still standing at the crossroads of life “in the preface and friends during the Spring Festival, most talked about topic is” when what to avoid isolation back to China to visit “, everyone has two or three years have not back to China, unavoidable homesickness sentiment cut,A sense of loss was suddenly added to the lively atmosphere.Then they talked about the current chaotic epidemic prevention in Australia and the tens of thousands of new cases in Australia, and even discussed whether it was safer to go back to China now.While chatting, we watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games together. The Romance and cultural heritage of Chinese style made our hearts swell and our eyes burst with tears.There was a brief silence.The ancients said: “every festive festival times,” sincere not I cheat!I believe every Chinese has asked themselves why I had to come to Australia in the dead of night at EMO.Especially in this New Year when the epidemic is prevalent and it is difficult to return to my hometown, I miss my friends and relatives far away from home, and the question to my heart is becoming more and more real: why do I have to stay in Australia?Is it worth sticking to your original aspiration?Today, we don’t compare, we don’t talk about right and wrong, we just share a few stories about “beginner’s mind”.”Those intense fighting is not suitable for me” Lin Ran, 38, project management of a Western Company in Sydney More than ten years ago, I was 26 or 27 years old, in Beijing, I had a decent job, my parents help also bought a modest apartment, life is less than, more than.However, I had to work overtime until 90 or 10 PM every day, then take the subway for more than an hour to get home, and have to get up at 6 am the next day to go to work.In fact, a lot of time is not busy work to the extent of overtime, is to come off work, as long as the leader is still in, we do not want to go.It’s not uncommon to pull an all-nighter when you’re working on a project.But in the eyes of leaders, overtime seems to be a matter of course, overtime pay is not available.When I first started working, I was very ambitious and wanted to make a career and earn more money.Back then, there was no such thing as “introverted.” Now that I think about it, in China, it took almost all of your time and energy to avoid being introverted.After a long time, it feels very boring.There is only one reason for me to come to Australia. I want to live a simple life.Now, I also do project management work in xiren’s company. I seldom work overtime when I come to work and leave work, so I don’t have to carefully maintain various relationships and contacts.After work, reading, working out, taking the kids for a walk with the dog — not much money, but enough.Life pressure is not completely free, but Australia’s social welfare is relatively sound, with the government supporting, people will be more confident and have a sense of security.Some people say that Australia has already solidified its social class, and there is little room for upward mobility, especially for The Chinese, who have a clear bamboo ceiling. Still, China has more opportunities and more space for development.It is true that if you pursue success and wealth, you are more likely to succeed in China.But for me, the intense fighting is not for me. I’ll leave it to someone else.Maybe life in Australia is not so lively and colorful, but it is easier to live at the pace you want, instead of being influenced by external factors, such as competition, fame and wealth.Ming, 40, a Chinese teacher at a cram school in Melbourne, watched the Spring Festival Gala on The eve of the lunar New Year.A few days ago, I watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In my circle of friends, I sighed that China is developing better and better.One friend commented: “You hurry back!”I laughed.In fact, I think I love China even more since I moved to Australia, and I am truly proud of the growing strength of my country.However, my love for my native country is not inconsistent with my choice to emigrate to Australia and my love for my current country of residence.Indeed, In recent years, China’s rapid development, especially the strict control of the epidemic, seems to make people feel more secure than Australia, where the epidemic control is lax.However, in my opinion, how fast a country develops is not the same as how well a person lives, especially for us ordinary people.At the beginning, my immigration to Australia was triggered by finding a kindergarten for my child.In order to let our child go to the public kindergarten near the community, my husband and I tried our best to find connections and gifts. Even the old classmates who had not been in contact with us for eight hundred years were shameless enough to come to us. Finally, we failed to get a place, because there were some people with stronger connections than us.This matter makes me exhausted, thinking of the future of primary and secondary school choice, headache unceasingly.In Australia, however, the same thing is much easier.If you want to go to the nearest kindergarten, sign up in advance and wait in line.To get into a highly ranked public elementary school, buy or rent a district house.If you want to send your kid to a private school, work hard and make money.To do anything, no one will deliberately cut you off or make you look bad because you have no “connections”.Both my husband and I are ordinary people who are not good at “guanxi” and do not have any connections and background. The society of “sticking to one’s nails and not paying much attention to human relations” in Australia may be more suitable for us. We don’t need to think too much.It is possible to live comfortably as an ordinary person.Of course, we are also chicken babies. Wherever Chinese people go, they are always chicken babies.However, relatively speaking, The definition of success in Australia is more diversified, and the competition is not as fierce as in China. Australians generally have a peaceful and optimistic attitude.As a matter of fact, China and Australia each have their own strengths and weaknesses. No place in the world is perfect, but one should not be too greedy and try to take advantage of all the benefits.Immigration of course there are gains and losses, the key is to see personal preferences, for their own is the best.Therefore, I have never regretted my decision to emigrate to Australia.Tina, 27, a postgraduate student at the University of Tasmania why did you come to Australia?I’m a little confused, actually.After graduating from a University in China, I couldn’t find a suitable job, and some of my classmates were planning to go abroad to study for a master’s degree, so I came to Australia with a hot mind to experience the life abroad.When I first studied in the University of Melbourne for more than a year, many of my classmates were talking about immigration. At that time, I thought it would be a waste to finish my study without obtaining a green card, so I transferred to Tasmania, which is better for immigration.I will graduate in the second half of this year and have not returned to China for nearly three years. I am still hesitating whether to stay in Australia or return to China after I get the green card.It’s hard to find a job in your major in Australia.One of my senior students graduated from accounting graduate school. Because I could not find a suitable job, I had to go to TAFE to study nursing and started blue-collar work.I feel that it is not easy for a young person like me to settle down in Australia on my own.Although returning to China has to face a lot of realistic pressure and fierce competition, parents and relatives can provide some resources, and China is changing with each passing day, so there are definitely more opportunities and platforms.Of course, there are many things I can’t give up in Australia, for example, the pace of life is slow and leisurely, the interpersonal relationship is simple and various outdoor activities are abundant.I am torn between returning to China and staying in Australia.However, in the end, I think I will choose to go back to China, because I still do not have enough firm beliefs and reasons to support me to stay in Australia.Conclusion Why did you come to Australia?Every Chinese has his own answer.Is it worth sticking to your original aspiration?In this world and era disturbed by the epidemic, I am afraid that the vast majority of Chinese have had such a soul question!So, do you still believe that if you don’t forget why you started, you’ll always have to do it?Feel free to leave your answers in the comments section.