Exceed 1 yuan maximum 99 yuan, full 200 yuan immediately reduced 50 yuan!Postal savings bank card benefits to attack quickly

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Post office bank debit card customers please note alipay binding post office bank debit card gift waiting for you to take every Sunday to specify with set minus 50 yuan refueling merchants to 200 yuan during the activity, the customer in the designated merchants in consumption, use pay treasure to pay when choosing hebei post office debit card, have the opportunity to enjoy the full 200 RMB 50 yuan preferential, 750 daily activities,First come, first served.The same customer can enjoy the discount only once a day and up to three times a month.During the activity, customers who consume more than 1 yuan at designated merchants can enjoy the random reduction discount (minimum 1 yuan, maximum 99 yuan) if they choose Hebei Postal Savings Debit card when using Alipay. There are 30,000 quota in the whole province every month. First come, first served, until all of them are sold out.One customer can enjoy the service only once a day.Activity Time: March 15, 2022 – June 30, 8:00-22:00 Activity object: Alipay binding debit card customer activity of Hebei Branch of Postal Savings Bank Detailed inquiry of the self-operated branches of Postal Savings Bank?Hurry up and do it!Source: Civilization Handan Score Responsible editor: Wang Jieren