Fund early review: New Year’s Eve approaching, I wish you all a happy New Year!Take a look at these messages

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Monday is here, and our favorite New Year’s Eve is finally here. Good morning, dear readers!Today is the day to eat New Year’s eve dinner, money brother in this wish you a New Year reunion, Hehemeimei, healthy, beautiful!1, Guangdong: firmly and forcefully dispose of individual head real estate enterprise real estate project expected delivery risk!Anyone with a clear eye can see which real estate company this is referring to.However, the risk of Evergrande can be expected to smooth landing, no new risks out.Real estate plate valuation is also very low, the probability of being affected is small.2, the People’s Bank of China: in 2021, RMB loans will increase by 2.995 billion yuan, 315 billion yuan more than last year!I hope the central mother still loves the market in 2002, do not tighten monetary policy at will, and create more liquidity for the market.We’ve had such a bad start to the year, it’s time for us to step up.3. Xiaopeng Automobile: There are huge differences between market rumors and facts. Ningde Times is still the company’s core partner!Mainly for ningde times too much price, replace a part of the product suppliers to do a supplementary description.The world’s cooperation is the same, profitable in order to last for a long time, I hope that domestic new energy vehicle enterprises can go further.4. For the problem of malicious price increase of non-disciplinary off-campus training, the three departments deployed to carry out special rectification!To tell you the truth, every time I see problems related to education, Xiao Gao will have a deep fear of marriage and child phobia.It’s easy to have a child, not easy to raise a child.The higher the expectations, the easier it is to be a chicken.5, China’s Caixin Manufacturing PMI in January was 49.1, expected 50.4!Slightly below expectations.But this is not bad news, as it means the chances of further rate cuts are increasing.Before the market has expected that the manufacturing PMI will bottom out, the central bank may implement more favorable interest rate cutting measures, wait and see!OK, that’s all for today’s morning review!Today A shares are not open, we have A good family together more chat, catch up.All the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.The New Year, wish the day such as light, warm and peaceful.He that loveth continueth his joy, and his desire is to his heart.The nights are short and the days long.Warm brave, no longer confused!# # of finance and economics