It has been 28 years since nine Tastes of a Sesame Official

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Starred by Stephen Chow, “Nine Taste the Sesame Official” is also known as “Nine Taste the Sesame Official white Noodle Bag Sky”, is a typical Stephen Chow style, no nonsense movie.Chow’s film was a box office smash in the days of Mondays, grossing 69 million yuan at the time.In addition to Stephen Chow, other supporting actors also contributed to the success of the film. Now 28 years later, what is the status of those in the film now?As Stephen Chow’s golden partner, Wu Mengda and Stephen Chow co-starred in nearly 30 films. It can be said that Stephen Chow’s success is without Wu Mengda as the foil of green leaf.They started with “Dragon and Phoenix Teahouse” and went on to “Gambler,” “Gambler,” “Champion Warrior Su Qi ‘er” and “Truant Dragon,” films that accompanied a whole generation growing up in an age without the Internet.After parting ways with Stephen Chow, the two never worked together again, but Wu continued to be a golden supporting actor, appearing while ill in the sci-fi film The Wandering Earth, with a dedication that Even Wu admires.Unfortunately, god didn’t have much love for the golden supporting actor, who died of illness in 2021.Only the classic characters in the movies are left.Zhang Min zhang Min in the film as Qi Qin, was raped by Chang Wei also killed his family, but also framed, but also by Bao Longxing overturned the case with innocence.Zhang Min was born in Shanghai and immigrated to Hong Kong with her family. She found her way into Insein while handing out leaflets on the street and began her career as an entertainer.With the release of the movies Gambler, Gambler and Gambler, she also gained fame, which led to her collaboration with Stephen Chow.She was the most beautiful red flower in Stephen Chow’s films, including Truant warrior 1 and 2, The Deer and the Cauldron, and Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qi.He has not appeared in any film or TV series since 2006’s Fan Fu Courtyard, starring sun Honglei.After a low-key marriage to an outsider boyfriend, Zhang started a beauty business in Beijing and announced her retirement from the entertainment industry in 2017.Beauty is old, classic still!In the film, he plays bao Longxing’s master Leopard head, with white hair and strong martial arts skills, but also cute. He and Bao Longxing form a strange combination, which is also a big point of the film.Tsui, who is remembered by many mainland audiences as the eye-rolling Golden Lion, is still the king of the golden Lion in the upcoming film version of “Heaven Who Killed The Dragon.”But tsui Kam-chiang in the 1990s, is the Hong Kong three – class film leading actor, in the Hong Kong circle is not small.However, the actresses who have made films with him all praise his artistic virtues!After entering the new century, Tsui, who came to the mainland for development, appeared in many TV series, such as the well-known moon worshipper in Chinese Paladin, and the evil Tong Tian in Little Fish and the Whole Flower.Rather than being an actor, Tsui wants to be recognized as a painter.Professional media speak highly of Xu jinjiang’s painting: His painting is highly professional and has professional foundation.One of his works is rumored to be worth $800,000.Xu Jinjiang is still a good husband, his wife met 3 times and said 3 words, the two people registered marriage, this relationship has gone through 20 years, the two are still inseparable, envy evil spirit others.In recent years, Tsui has stopped acting in films and TV series, so it is a little surprise that Wang Jing invited him to play the Golden Lion again.4. Wu Qihua film in the tang mirror look really hateful, rely on their own shape division identity, for money at the upside down black and white.But his results were also reassuring.Wu Qihua as Zhang Wuji was the most recognized version in the minds of countless audiences.In fact, Wu Qihua made his debut relatively early. He was nearly 40 when he played Zhang Wuji, so that the most negative comment on this version of Zhang Wuji is from his age.Ng kai-wah and Tsui Kam-kong have some of the same acting experience, both of them are the best actors in Hong Kong films, but this does not prevent the audience from loving him.Now in his late 60s, Mr. Wu is a natural presence on the screen, but no more so than in the past.”As soon as I came in, I saw Chang Wei beating Lai Fu,” a line that has almost become a meme of Internet slang.Chow siu-lung is a Taiwan-born action actor who learned martial arts at the age of 5. He began his film career as a stunt double in 1979 and starred in 1985’s Rebound directed by Sammo Hung. At the age of 20, he moved to Hong Kong and became a member of the Hung family class.Perhaps because of his image, Zou is often seen as a villain, such as Wang Jianjun in The Bodyguard of Zhongnanhai, Song Qingshu in The Sword Of Heaven, and Jet Li’s antagonist in The King of Adventure and The Forbidden Kingdom.He was also the action director for the Hollywood film The Matrix.Chow, who is best remembered for his role in “Fuse” with Donnie Yen, is the villain again, and his final fight with Donnie Yen has been described as a textbook of action movies to this day.Chow still sees him on screen, including last year’s Turandot.The first name of The phoenix house, Ruyan, is the most one of CAI’s many characters. Bao Longxing and Leopard-head, the emperor and the associate minister are crowded in the room like smoke, which is the most funny scene in the film.Choi siu fen is a Hong Kong sister’s debut actress, best known for her role in the costume drama “Magic Knife”;She gained attention for her role as Ruyan in Stephen Chow’s “Nine Shades of A Sesame Official”.Tsai, who later moved to the mainland, became popular in China after starring in the ancient costume drama “Moon cave” series and “Eight Scenes of Ghosts and Ghosts,” which is how she met Zhang.In 2011, she rose to stardom after playing the role of the empress in the Legend of Zhen Huan.CAI Shaofen’s feelings are not plain sailing, early years and Wu Qilong had a paragraph of love, two people who share the same disease died.She was later rumoured to have been kept in captivity, but eventually married mainland actor Zhang Jin, with whom she has two daughters and a son.In recent years, CAI shaofen’s film and television works are almost rare, but often appeared in variety shows.Zhong Liti zhong Liti in the film is the acrobatic class owner Wu Haodi, bao Longxing in trouble when he lent a helping hand, the two also made a century-old appointment.Born in Canada, Chung entered the entertainment industry after competing for Miss Chinese International in Hong Kong. As a newcomer to the entertainment industry, she quickly became popular in Southeast Asia with the movie Mermaid.She has starred in dozens of Hong Kong-made films, including “The Official,” “Wrecking It All,” “97 Happy Families,” and “The Evening Bride.” She took her career to the next level when she starred with Jet Li in “The Bodyguard of Zhongnanhai.”Many people may remember him as the beautiful stableman in Hu Jun’s version of “Tianlong Ba Bu”.After two failed marriages, Christy Chung fell in love with actor Zhang Lunshuo in a variety show and got married.Chung is also keen on variety shows. Last year, she appeared in variety shows Like “Sister Who Rides the Wind” and “Day Day Up”.Twenty-eight years later, the actors in the film have changed their lives, but the classic film remains as popular today as ever.”Nine Taste the Sesame Official” is still popular today, in addition to the lead actor Stephen Chow and a cast of supporting actors, in addition to the content of the plot!Many hidden connotations in the movie are magnified today. Chang Wei only kills the Zhang family with his hands and blames Qi Qin for the murder. He only needs to put silver in his back, and then the government and officials protect each other to hold down the event and finally let it go.Although the film is a comedy, but the film to express the connotation is no worse than the anti-corruption film and TV series.Those who miss this classic movie can go and watch it again!