On March 15, a restaurant in Qingdao was arrested for adding gold foil to eel sushi

2022-07-24 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Wang Yuan recently, there are citizens to Qingdao market supervision administration report, located in a restaurant on Yan ‘er Island Road, operating added gold foil food.After receiving the tip-off, law enforcement officers rushed out to conduct food safety checks at the restaurant.As, the store was not prominently hanging in business license, business license and food in the store of food processing food in the kitchen found between 2 bottles of gold foil and 2 bottles of gold powder, the store is dishes in the menu “kimbo eel sushi,” menu can obviously see the dishes with gold foil on the picture, the store’s sales records show “kimbo eel sushi” had a recent sales.The gold foil and gold foil powder were seized and seized by the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau.The parties involved are suspected of operating food containing gold and silver foil powder, which violates the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will file a case and investigate.Gold and silver foil powder (including real gold and silver, as well as baking gold and silver flash powder and other powder) is not a food additive, can not be used in food production and operation, shall not declare or label “edible”, “food grade”, “food use” and so on.Food producers shall not purchase and use gold foil powder to produce and process food, food sellers shall not purchase and sell food containing gold foil powder, and catering service providers shall not produce and sell meals containing gold foil powder.If broad consumer discovers afore-mentioned illegal behavior, can pass 12345 telephone to supervise a branch to report to the market, city market supervises bureau will increase enforce the law strength, punish severely, absolutely not tolerate, curb “eat gold wind”, ensure broad consumer “the safety on tip of tongue”.