Sources: Chinese students entering Australia were unwarranted and deported

2022-07-24 0 By

A Chinese student studying in Australia was detained at Sydney International Airport after being subjected to an unprovoked search, a source told China Daily.It is reported that the student entered the country through the self-service channel. After collecting his luggage, he was intercepted and questioned by Australian border enforcement officers, and his mobile phone and luggage were checked, but no illegal items were found.Australian law enforcement officials identified the military training organized by Chinese universities as so-called “military training” and refused to enter The country and cancelled their visas on the spot on the grounds that they concealed their experience of so-called “military training”.The Chinese Embassy in Australia has provided consular assistance to the student as soon as possible.Sources also said that a month ago, another Chinese student in Australia was unprovoked by Australian border enforcement officers at the Sydney International Airport when he was entering the country, and was later repatriated.The student failed to enter the country through the self-service channel and went through the artificial channel.But when the luggage was picked up, the Australian border enforcement officers stopped the luggage, questioned the situation in detail and examined the luggage and electronic equipment.The Australian side found in his mobile phone some photos of his military training during his university years in China, and refused to enter China on the grounds that he had concealed his so-called “military training” experience. The Australian side informed him on the spot that his visa had been cancelled and he would be repatriated in the same way.What the Australian side has done undermines the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese students in Australia, which makes people suspect that there is a political motive behind it.The Foreign Ministry and the Chinese diplomatic missions in Australia have lodged solemn representations with the Australian side, urging it to immediately stop unwarranted questioning and even repatriation of Chinese students in Australia and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant Chinese people.The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese embassies and consulates in Australia have issued warnings for many times, reminding Chinese students of the risks they may encounter when studying in Australia, advising them to prudently choose overseas study destinations, and strengthening the awareness of self-prevention and protection.(Reporter Mo Jingxi)