Spring Festival gala magician Deng Nanzi riverside rescue, was praised to help others, but was questioned by some netizens

2022-07-24 0 By

Every year, the Spring Festival Gala, magic programs are highly anticipated, many audiences like to see the “magician” performance.After the end of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, Deng men’s magic “Spring Nafu” did not meet the expectations of some of the audience.”Spring Nafu” using the traditional Rubik’s cube performance, Jia Nailiang, Liu Tao, Zhang Ruoyun and Sa Beining with Deng man’s magic show, the Year of the Tiger beaming, perhaps because of the time limit, the rhythm of the whole program slightly faster.After the program, Deng man said that “the whole process without trust” to participate in the performance of personnel also said that they are not trust.Even if there is no trust, the audience have said that the program is boring, “this year’s Spring Festival Gala magic is the only time I have seen so many years to reveal the secrets of no interest.”After the broadcast, some netizens also came out to expose the truth behind the magic, if playing rubik’s cube for many years will see the “magic”, have said miss Liu Qian’s performance.After the program, Jia Said deng saved a drowning child at the lake of Yuyuantan Park the day before the Spring Festival Gala.On the afternoon of January 30th, Deng led his team to Yuyuantan Park next to CCTV for relaxation. They went to the lake to take some photos as a souvenir.At that time, a mother in the river called for help, Deng man quickly ran to the drowning boy to save the shore.Recall this matter, Deng man is still terrified, “the boy was naughty, the water ice brittle, this happened, AT that time I wanted to jump into the water to save people, but thinking of tomorrow’s Spring Festival Gala live for fear of catching a cold, and the team partners will pull the children ashore.”On that day, the temperature in Beijing was very low. Deng was wearing a long black down jacket. The boy’s hind legs were frozen and numb.Magician Deng Nanzi river rescue after the exposure, received a part of the praise of the netizens, but there are netizens questioned deng Nanzi want to save to cover up their magic boring this matter, said that “by this can save you boring magic”.Although Deng man’s performance was not recognized by some of the audience, but we can not use magic boring to deny the fact that he saved people.Deng man this program did not attract the interest of the audience, but can not identify him as an unqualified magician.In 2011, Deng man anchor’s news column “Chinese time” received numerous praise, successfully produced 18 magic programs within five minutes.In 2012, he participated in the Hunan Satellite TV Lantern Festival party, launched 360 degrees without dead Angle magic, a full range of audience exploration.Early understanding of deng man’s audience said “his magic is good, the Spring Festival Gala magic should be arranged” feel others very good, good nature “, thus, Deng man’s level is good, the Spring Festival Gala magic time are limited, may not reach the audience’s expectations.Many people can learn the principle of magic through online guides, buy books and watch thousands of magic, but it is not easy to perform smoothly, it can be said that “a look will be wasted”.Magic in addition to the principle and props, the key is the technique, skills, is the performance, these things need to practice and accumulation.Invited to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, is the recognition of Deng men’s strength, which shows that his magic performance level is still good.No matter who does a good deed, he deserves praise.The New Year, looking forward to deng man has more wonderful magic show!