Ten measures!Purify the network consumption environment government and hospital linkage again out of practical action

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In 2021, the online sales of e-commerce in Qinhuai District will reach 19 billion yuan, an increase of 20%, resulting in increasing online consumption disputes.Qinhuai Court has always taken the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers as one of the important work of the overall situation of the service center, and actively explored effective ways to protect the rights and interests of online consumers in the face of new problems and new situations of online consumption.Purifying the online consumption environment, exploring the path of consumer protection, equally protecting honest business operators and optimizing the business environment based on the rule of law not only require the exertion of judicial power, but more importantly, the joint efforts of the government and the hospital.On the occasion of 315 consumer protection day approaching, Qinhuai Court joint district Development and Reform Commission, district market supervision bureau, jointly issued “on the joint development of” double line “protection and purification of network consumer environment ten measures”.The purpose of the document is to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, create a safe and secure online consumption environment, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the Internet economy, and realize the linkage of “judicial + administrative + social” rights protection.There are ten documents, mainly from the following three aspects to promote the relevant work: first, hold joint meetings, open the green channel of online consumption rights protection to carry out litigation source governance of online consumption disputes, hold joint meetings regularly, analyze the status of online consumption disputes in the jurisdiction, and provide reference suggestions for decision-making.It has improved the mechanism for quick adjudication of small consumer disputes, set up a “professional collegial panel for online consumption and rights protection”, adopted the mode of “online + offline” to handle cases in parallel, and opened a “one-stop” green channel for pre-lawsuit mediation, filing, trial, adjudication and execution of disputes to improve the efficiency of consumers’ rights protection.The district court shall accept the infringement and illegal facts confirmed by the Market Supervision Bureau according to law and support the administrative penalty cases applying for compulsory execution according to law.Second, to strengthen supervision and improve the protection level of consumer rights and interests, strictly regulate the online retail enterprises in the jurisdiction. When selling goods and providing services online, they should consciously and clearly mark prices according to law, just like physical stores.Strengthen the punishment of online consumption credit, improve the collection and publicity system of enterprise credit information related to online consumption, and limit the government centralized procurement, bidding, capital support and evaluation of enterprises that break the trust and violate the law.Jointly build a “blacklist” of occupational claims, and include those confirmed as occupational claims and reports into the “blacklist” list, update them regularly, and constantly study and improve disciplinary measures.Third, we will open up channels for public supervision and create an atmosphere for protecting online consumption. We will work with relevant departments to set up non-profit consumer rights protection organizations, encourage media journalists, Internet celebrities and consumers to join the ranks of compulsory supervisors, and form a supervision mechanism that combines legal supervision with public supervision.Pay close attention to new situations and problems in online consumption disputes, consult regularly to study difficult issues in law enforcement and justice, and form summary documents to guide law enforcement activities and judicial trials.Organized special publicity activities on consumer rights protection on March 15, and regularly jointly issued the White Paper on Consumer Rights Protection and typical cases, in order to improve the public’s awareness and ability of online consumer rights protection.Purifying the online consumption environment cannot be limited to the day of “315”, nor will it be limited to the introduction of mechanisms and measures.Next, beside qinhuai court will continue to strengthen consumer rights protection case, in accordance with law, protect the legal rights to the consumers and business operators, in order to realize judicial, administrative and social “online and offline synchronization protection” as the goal, to “ten steps to implement”, achieve actual effect, to further protect consumers’ rights and interests, promote enterprise development, and optimize the business environment.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn