“The Regent’s delicate little wife” the king abstinence 28 years, married the prime minister’s stupid daughter, but she is pretending

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!Today xiaobian to recommend to you: “The Prince Regent’s weak little Wife” for 28 years, the king married the prime minister’s stupid daughter, but she was pretending to # Refuse book scarcity # 1: “The Prince Regent’s weak little Wife” author: Panda keeper Profile:Now the killer through to an unknown world, but also wear a small baby, in the face of a strange world, white Precious month had to disguise into a white lotus flower, silent Mimi to find the way back, until met the king of yama call regent.Into the pit guide: regent palace, a few dark guards are punishing practice, passing by the other guards could not help laughing.Dark a look at those stealthily laugh bodyguard, in the mind have bitter say not.When Lin Zian came, see is a row of pig-headed face guards in handstand, this scene has always calm he had to laugh out.”Gu Yichen, this how to return a responsibility, who can let you eat so big loss.”Lin Zi ‘an could not help teasing him.Gu Yichen slowly poured a cup of tea ceremony: “they themselves underestimate the enemy, this matter, be a lesson.”Know the ins and outs of Lin Zi ‘an also seriously to check each bodyguard, the results found that the powder is non-toxic, only need to head two days of pig face.”Go and have Sky Pavilion find out who that woman is,” Gu mused, tapping on the table.”Master, what about when we find out?”Come over with a swollen face.’Killed!Gu took a sip of tea.Lin Zi ‘an said, “Indeed, you still have no pity at all!In case the girl is really lost.””Her bad luck is to blame.”Gu Yichen disapprovingly said.One of the palace guards hurried to the royal library, looking frightened.”Your Majesty, they are all dead!”Waste!So many people, even a useless person can not kill, I keep you what!”The emperor banged the table.”The emperor calmed down, the guard of the regent was really too fierce, our people were not close to be solved.”The guard blanched at the memory of the mass grave.”Early know he has today, at the beginning I should directly kill him,” the emperor is now very regret, had left his life for torture Gu Yichen, also let him become the prince regent, think of that day, he said, pointing to his sword to when the prince regent, the emperor is spirit not dozen 1 come, very not easy now he poisoned, but still can’t kill him.”The Left prime Minister, your Majesty!”The Emperor waved his hand. “Let him in!”The Left prime minister walked in quickly, felt the emperor’s anger, more firm in his ideas.”See the Emperor!The Left Prime minister is on his knees!”Get up!”The emperor but for that regent angry, minister here has a move, is not to take his life, but can humiliate the regent!”The left prime minister said slowly.The emperor looked at him anxiously: “Prime minister what good plan!””Your majesty, the time has come for the regent to marry, and you, as his brother, should do so.”The left prime minister had thought over these words many times, and it was quite sincere to say them at this time.(click on the following link to read the novel) the second: “god doctor dear female: cold king drowning pet arrogant princess” author: Blue ice Qianying introduction: the wedding day was innocent stabbed to death, and then open eyes she has been different agents military doctor, ordinary younger sister aunt wants to bully her also want to see if there is that life!But she can tear white lotus flower by hand, foot unfaithful male, but alone to that shameless Lord have no idea what to do!Guidebook: Murong Jue squint at Han Yu Mo, what is she laughing at?Look forward to!He’s about to leave her, and she’s still laughing?But there was no love in the way she looked at herself!Murong jue was uncomfortable with the discovery.Han Yulu looked at Murong Jue from afar, murong jue’s eyes had been found on Han Yu Mo, her hands clenched fists, gnashing teeth, this damning Han Yu Mo!But now she has no right, can only endure, Han Yu Mo you wait for me!Murong Jue took Han Yu Mo into the hall of Dry Qing. There were already many people greeting each other with false smiles on their faces.When Han Yumo entered the imperial palace for the first time, she did not know what to do or say. Wherever Murong Jue went, she followed, and Han Yulu followed.When Murong Jue found his own seat, he sat down. There was only one seat next to him. Han Yumo hesitated.There was already a man sitting next to her, but the man was just one person and had no accompanying family. Without thinking, Han took the seat next to him, leaving the place next to Murong Jue for Han Yulu.Han Yu Mo this move, not only the man was surprised, is murong Jue is very surprised!He has clearly hinted at han Yu Mo side is her position, she is sitting with other men, this woman is Ann of what heart?Han Yu Mo noticed that the man next to her looked at herself, she smiled politely to the man, then Han Yu Mo found that the man beside him has a unique face!Just pale. I don’t look very healthy.But why did she think the man looked familiar, but could not remember where she had seen him?’Come here!Murong Jue said to Han Yu Mo in a cold voice that he asked Han Yulu to get up and pulled her over to sit beside him.Han Yulu was very happy to sit next to Murong Jue, but was pulled up by murong Jue and watched han Yu Mo sit there helplessly.She dared not hate Murong Jue, but charged han Yumo with the crime.Han Yu Mo apologized to the man smiled, the man did not ignore her, but turned face, continue to pour from drink.”Don’t you care about King Ning!”King Xian Murong Jue warned Han Yu Mo in a low voice. The way Han Yu Mo had been smiling at king Ning had made Murong Jue feel uncomfortable.Han Yu Mo lowered her head and carefully thought that King Ning seemed to be the queen’s own son and the emperor was very fond of him.Today’s prince is the former queen of the birth, narrow-minded, ambitious but the heart is willing and reason is insufficient, often make a big mistake, provoked the emperor several times want to abolish the prince set king Ning, but was shunned by king Ning.It was said that King Ning was weak from the womb and often fell ill, so he had no interest in the throne. But where had he seen such a good-looking king ning?Han Yu Mo thought of himself through to here only a day of scenery, xian Palace have not been out, it is impossible to see him!Forget it, forget it, must be thinking too much.Recalled his thoughts, Han Yumo lifted the teacup on the table.”I am not as generous as you, Lord Xian!I have no interest in men, “Han Said coldly, sipping the fragrant tea in front of her.Murong Jue saw Han Yu Mo to his attitude of the very cold, feel that this has been pester their own woman seems to have changed, change of their own do not understand!Another thought is certainly han Yu Mo’s trick, want to attract their own attention!Hum!Want to beauty!After murong Jue thought it through, he hated Han Yu Mo even more.The sound of silk and bamboo on the hall interrupted Murong jue’s train of thought.The emperor took the empress and several old concubines slowly into the hall, all the people stood up to greet.It’s a royal family dinner, and this room is full of royals.The members of the royal family are really many, so dense a large dry qing Dian are filled.Han Yu Mo secretly looked at the current emperor, fifty years old appearance, kind eyebrows.Looks very kind.The emperor’s side is dressed in red queen dress of the woman, should be the crown of the queen of the sixth palace.(Click the following link to read the novel) the third book: “Grand pet for the queen” author: Rose Xiaoxiao Introduction: last I, the three Kings rebellion, Jiang Wan was as the queen mother of the eldest sister with a cup of poison wine to give death in the bosom of the beloved;This life, is thinking about how not to repeat the mistakes of her, but by the same rebirth of Xiao Ruixuan married home pet on the day.”Last life to make your promise, this life must be realized.Guide into the pit: Jiang Wan sat down at the side of the square table, a face of inquiry looking at Jasmine, see jasmine is a little fluked pull the corner.”Is that all?”Ginger wan quietly looked at jasmine, in the years when the toffee, she followed ginger 妧 together, also practiced the seven emotions not face skill.She looked down and said, “It’s just a few cold dishes and a few hot dishes. I know you’re not a person who cares about these things. Say something.Jasmine look a tight, quickly looked at the han mother standing in the side, and Han mother also made a look at her.”You needn’t ogle in my face.”Jiang Wan did not lift her eyes, but looked at her wrist in a daze. When did she have a jade bracelet inlaid with gold on her left wrist?And look at the color of the jade, such as wang green water, let a person look relaxed and happy, see is not all products.She held the sleeves of the gathering, hid the jade bracelet hidden in the sleeves, added: “if you think I hide from me for my good, then don’t need to, you know better than one, sometimes two heads are better than you do not say, I may never know, it will never find a solution…Then we’ll always be bullied…”When Molly heard this, her face became heavy. She burst and fell to her knees in front of Jiang Wan. “Miss Four, I didn’t want to tell you, but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.The old lady said…””Say what?Jiang Wan suddenly eyelid one, that not angry from the manner of wei, frighten Jasmine a shiver, think also did not think of will wang Wife said words in the kitchen are retold again.”She said that?”There was no anger in Jasmine’s imagination. Jiang wan just stood up slowly and took a look at the box. It was obvious that the porridge was not cooked properly.She slowly closed her eyes, gently in the chest that a little stirring blood, the last one of those encounters vividly in mind, sometimes you blindly retreat and avoid will not exchange for the opponent’s sympathy, on the contrary they will only be more aggravating, so this time, she must not choose to give in.After jiang Wan made this decision in the heart, she opened her eyes again, and the eyes were more than a trace of han Mother and Jasmine feel strange harsh.”Mother Han, if I remember correctly, is your son working in the outer court now?”Jiang Wan asked, looking at Han’s mother.”Yeah, he’s running errands and stuff now.”Han’s mother wondered why Miss Four suddenly asked about her son.”And if I ask him to run some errands for me, I wonder if he has time?”Jiang Wan looked at Han mother, look a bit playful asked.”Yes, yes.”Although I do not know what their own miss to do, but Han’s mother or full of should be down, but she was also a little strange in the heart, four miss this she grew up in the milk of the child, how feel a little different from before?Listen to Han mother so said, Jiang Wan is a little smile, and then attached to han mother’s ear so so so explained some time.Han mother nodded, will four young lady just confessed in the heart of the memory again, in a hurry to the outside yard to find his son.Jiang Wan sneered to herself as she watched her mother leave. She was a distant relative of the late Mrs. Wang, who had been in charge of the jiang family kitchen when the old lady was still alive.This time the Qin family moved from Zhenjiang, in the fight for Mrs. Wang’s opinion, also brought their family to come over.But this lady wang is also a greedy person, in charge of the ginger kitchen these years, private Rick deduction, buying kickbacks, food shoddy……Not a little digging in your pocket.However, she is a deceitful person who takes advantage of her relationship with Old Lady Wang and acts arrogantly in the kitchen.Last I, if it is not her that a few of her hand is really intolerable, directly collected her a pile of evidence to qin shi that report a form, angry Qin Shi wang directly sent to the official.Although these things, all happened after she entered the prince’s house, can see the arrogant attitude of lady Wang this one life, she jiang Wan is not mind this thing happened in advance of the schedule.Thinking of this, Jiang Wan sat down quietly, picked up the chopsticks, and drank half a bowl of white porridge with the dish of preserved bamboo shoots and cucumber sauce. She was also in a hurry to pay her regards to Qin’s family.With breakfast, she changed her sky-blue satin-lined lined jacket, satins, armed with her royal blue enamel – lined bird-lined handwax, and swung on the grey satchel cloak.Last night is obviously under a heavy snow, feeling a bit colder than yesterday, a few magpies in the accumulation of snow plum tree branches play with each other, the branches of snow shock is shu shu down.(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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