Ulanhot fire rescue brigade to the area of the elderly service restaurant to carry out fire safety knowledge publicity activities

2022-07-24 0 By

The elderly group has inconvenient movement and relatively weak awareness of fire safety. Once a fire is encountered, it is easy to cause large casualties. In order to further improve the awareness of fire safety of the elderly group in the area, and effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of safety accidents.On February 18, Ulanhot fire and rescue brigade carried out fire safety publicity activities in the service restaurant for senior citizens under its jurisdiction.Activities, advocate battalion fire against the elderly disabled, fire safety consciousness, poor defense self-help capability characteristics, take the way of face to face to the old people focuses on the use of fire equipment method, how to correctly measure, fire alarms, early fires to escape ways such as fire control safety knowledge,And issued propaganda materials printed with fire safety common sense, told the elderly do not smoke in bed, do not use open fire, do not pile up debris in corridors, balconies and other places, to avoid fire accidents.Subsequently, the fire propagandists also explained to the staff of the restaurant daily hidden dangers self-check and the correct use of fire extinguishers and daily maintenance methods, enhance the restaurant staff’s fire safety awareness and self-defense self-rescue ability.This activity further improved the level of fire safety management of units in the jurisdiction and the awareness of fire safety of the elderly group, built a solid fire safety “firewall”, and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and stable fire safety environment in the jurisdiction.