Zhou Xun is wearing a black cheongsam and jade earrings

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Zhou Xun immersed in the entertainment industry for many years, known as the human spirit, no matter what kind of role she is shaping very good, in a lot of movies and TV plays in the performance is very amazing, is a powerful actor, but also won a lot of awards.Starring in Red Sorghum, Ruyi’s Biography, Daming Palace Ci, Like Fog, Like Rain, Like Wind and so on, Zhou xun’s superb acting can be seen, especially last year’s hit Xiaomin’s Home, with its restrained acting style won public recognition.Zhou xun is now in her 40s, but her elegance remains as old as ever.Life of Zhou Xun also like to wear jade ornaments, she wore a black cheongsam, head with a ball head, simple and generous, but also wear a pair of jade earrings, the overall dress is very simple, plus Zhou Xun delicate facial features, really good beautiful.This pair of jade earrings is very rich in color, full of green color makes people look at the feeling of a light in front of their eyes.Jadeite and this Oriental beauty blend, wearing a new height of jadeite.Pure and fresh free from vulgarity, temperament full, only with this pair of full green jade, can achieve amazing results.And this pair of jade earrings modelling is very unique, design sense and fashion sense is very strong, its length size and Zhou Xun’s face is very suitable, especially in line with the beauty of the classical atmosphere to wear.Zhou xun also has a unique jade necklace with a unique design, a patchwork necklace, but this style is rare.The material of the necklace is jadeite, half is green jadeite, half is colorless jadeite, the bottom of the necklace also matches a transparent hollow-out jadeite, full personality, and we usually see the unified color of the jadeite necklace is different.This kind of crystal clear transparent jade and imperial green stitching collocation is very trendy, there is a fresh quietly elegant feeling, the visual effect is very good.It also fits zhou Xun’s temperament.The necklace of this splicing, jadeite color is very good-looking, kind of water is also very enough, plus high quality exquisite degree, the price is certainly not cheap.This human fairy goddess, do you like it?