A person’s New Year’s Eve dinner

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As the night grew dark, the light from the front of the building poured into the room from the window, but was largely blocked by the half-closed curtain.It was New Year’s Eve.In a rented house in Lintong district, Chen Jing jing prepares ingredients for herself alone.Chen Jingjing, a native of Hengshan, Yulin City, joined Lintong Maternal and Child Health Hospital in 2020 to become a physician.During the current epidemic prevention and control period in Xi ‘an, Chen Participated in the special work of quarantine hotel for more than 20 days in a row. He just finished quarantine medical observation a few days ago and is still in quarantine at home.Chen didn’t think it was the helplessness brought by home isolation.”Only those who have truly participated in epidemic prevention and control on the front line can understand and cherish the hard-won ‘normalcy’ more.””The movement of people can increase the risk of unknown infections,” Chen said. “As doctors, we know better than anyone, and we should start with ourselves first.”Speaking of local Chinese New Year, Chen Has both psychological preparation and specific actions.Early plans are made for what plays to watch, what books to read and what meals to eat during the Spring Festival.Of course, including the New Year’s Eve dinner of a person.Why hot pot?Chen Jing explained that the main is to like to eat, secondly, there is a “fire” word in the hot pot, indicating that next year’s work and life thriving.”It’s just giving yourself a psychological boost.I don’t know if hotpot has this meaning.””Chen Said.Although a person to eat, but Chen Quietly did not go along: vegetables, meat rolls, edible fungi……Soon, the rich ingredients fill the plate.Fire, stow, dish, and all you have to do is eat.At this time, the family in their hometown also prepared a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner early.Take out your phone, switch on the wechat video, and the distance of more than 500 kilometers becomes instantly visible across the screen.This is the time that Chen Jing and family discuss in advance.’And you’ve got mutton stew!Mobile phone this head, Chen quiet “blame” way.But at the other end of the phone, the parents hear is all coquetry: “rest assured, after the New Year holiday back, for you to do alone.”Chen’s father suffers from high blood pressure, and her mother often suffers from cervical vertebra discomfort.Before the current epidemic prevention and control, Chen had already selected a blood pressure monitor and cervical spine massage machine at a physical store in Lintong, and planned to bring them back to her hometown as New Year gifts for her parents during the Spring Festival, but it never came to pass.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Chen Quietly gave her sister a red envelope of 1000 yuan, letting her sister buy some New Year’s goods for her home and do a filial piety to her parents.Although she was unable to return home for the Spring Festival, Chen is already looking forward to their reunion soon.Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Gu Rong correspondent Yang Kun