Anhui yesterday added 1+60!

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On April 6, 2022, 0 to 24, the anhui province report new cases confirmed in 1 case (mounds on the small county, asymptomatic infections have been reported to the confirmed cases), no additional suspected cases, new asymptomatic infection 60 cases (yao in hefei area in 1 case, 1 case of shushan district, fuyang city stands on the county 3 cases, taihe county, 3 cases, involving state 10 cases, involving east 1 case,Two asymptomatic cases were reported in Shou County of Huainan city, 34 in Fengtai County, 1 in Jin ‘an District of Lu ‘an City, and 4 in Yu ‘an District), and 26 asymptomatic cases were released from medical observation (1 in Huaiyuan County of Bengbu City, 1 in Shou County of Huainan City, 12 in Fengtai County, 6 in Fanchang District of Wuhu City, 5 in Tongguan District of Tongling City, and 1 in suburban area).As of April 6, 24, anhui province, has reported 1033 cases of the local example, at present in the treatment of 20 cases (wuhu numerous prosperous area in 2 cases, feidong county, hefei, 1 case, 8 cases of fengtai county of huainan city, Tian Jiaan area in 1 case, xuan xuanzhou city area in 1 case, fuyang city stands on the county in 5 cases, huaibei city mountain in 1 case, regarding luan yuan district 1 case),A total of 1,007 patients were cured and discharged from hospital.A total of 15 imported cases have been reported, including 11 cured and discharged from hospital, and four hospitalized.A total of 65,239 people have been reported to be under medical observation, including 20,195 close contacts still under medical observation.As of 24:00 on April 6, there were 566 asymptomatic cases under medical observation in Anhui Province, including 1 case in Susong County of Anqing city, 1 case in Tongcheng City, 1 case in Sixian county of Suzhou City, 2 cases in nan zone of Chuzhou City, 7 cases in Langya district, 3 cases in Lixin county of Bozhou City, 8 cases in Tangtu county of Ma ‘anshan City, and 2 cases in Yushan District.30 cases were reported in Tongguan District of Tongling City, 8 in Yi ‘an District, 3 in suburbs, 1 in Zhuangyang County, 1 in Baohe District of Hefei city, 4 in Yaohai District, 1 in Feixi County, 1 in Shushan District, 2 in Wuhe County of Bengbu City, 4 in Longzihu District, 1 in Huaishang District, and 1 in Bangshan District.Wuhu numerous chang district, south, 34 cases (3 cases), jinghu bay 3 cases, 1 case Yi river area, interlingual transfer area in 1 case, dove river area in 2 cases, 6 cases, wu wei city fuyang city range obviously by 15 cases, involving in 49 cases, 10 cases of taihe county, the county funan county in 1 case, small east in 5 cases, 10 cases of 312 cases of fengtai county of huainan city, shou county, Tian Jiaan area in 5 cases, Xie Jiaji area eight male mountain in 2 cases, 4 cases,Three cases were reported in Xuanzhou District of Xuancheng City, 10 in Jin ‘an District of Lu ‘an city, 7 in Yu ‘an District and 1 in Qimen County of Huangshan City.Source/Health Anhui HealthyAnhui