Fact: in 2008, an American beautiful female foreign teacher married a nine-year-old Chinese security guard. How is it now?

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American foreign teachers married a Chinese security guard, such a topic has attracted a lot of attention, especially the age of the Chinese security guard is older than the American foreign teachers, which makes people more curious.Today we are going to tell the story of an exotic couple who met in China and married each other.What’s the magic about this Chinese security guard?What was their married life like?The rural boy’s rough life mentioned before the hero named CAI Xiaohua, is a real farmer’s children, parents are farmers, the situation at home is not very good.As the first child in his family, CAI Xiaohua suffered a lot when he was young, and he did all the dirty work. Although such a life was very bitter, CAI Xiaohua also enjoyed the company of her family.At that time, Chinese people did not have the idea of fewer and better children. Every family had more than one child, and CAI xiaohua’s family was no exception. After that, the parents had three more children, which made the poor family even more difficult.Because the mother had too many children, she had to spend more time with the family, so she could not go out to work. In addition, her father was weak and could not support the family expenses, so the economic situation of CAI xiaohua’s family became worse and worse.This situation continued until CAI xiaohua was ten years old. The family situation was even worse. His parents often quarreled over some trifles, and the children were kept free.Finally one day, CAI xiaohua’s mother could not bear the poor life and chose to flee, leaving her father with several children.This blow was very heavy, the whole family was about to collapse, CAI Xiaohua had no choice but to take the responsibility of the eldest son, drop out of school at home, to help the family.However, such days could not support the family, in order to no longer add to the burden of the family, CAI Xiaohua chose to go out to work, alone to the south, work in a factory to make a living.Without education, CAI xiaohua had no choice but to enter the assembly line and become a worker.This job is tedious and boring, and requires high intensity work every day, which tests one’s patience very much.CAI xiaohua has no better choice but to stay in the factory, day after day.Fortunately, the income is still considerable, which is the biggest comfort, CAI Xiaohua can support himself, but also to support some of the family, so that the life of the younger siblings is not so hard.Unexpectedly, CAI xiaohua’s factory closed down, and he had to find another job in order to make a living.In this way, CAI Xiaohua drifted for many years, where to give more money to go, no fixed abode.Because of their educational background, they are unable to do professional work and are stuck in various factories.At this time, CAI xiaohua met his first wife, which restored his inner light and life seemed to have meaning again.This love affair was introduced by others. CAI Xiaohua doesn’t say much in daily life, but she is honest and reliable, modest and good at living.Although CAI xiaohua’s family condition is really not very good, but the child is a good boy, so the aunts around are very satisfied.Finally, a usually familiar aunt like CAI Xiaohua’s personality, to his hard-working character is also very satisfied, so rose to introduce him to the idea of the object.She soon introduced CAI xiaohua to a gentle girl from the South, who was also a poor girl. Her parents divorced, and CAI xiaohua’s experience was very similar. They got together because of the same experience, and soon got married, had children and started a family.CAI xiaohua had thought of married life too simply and did not realize the responsibility on his shoulders.At the beginning, husband and wife two people will tolerate each other’s shortcomings, but the long poor life let two people have a huge contradiction.Because of the child, CAI xiaohua’s wife had to take care of the child at home, leaving only CAI Xiaohua to go out to work to maintain the family, which made the living standard even lower a grade, the relationship between the two appeared crisis.Without adequate financial conditions, conflicts often broke out between the couple, but CAI persevered and kept trying to give his wife a better life.However, these efforts are not seen by the wife, she has been defeated by life, began to become hysterical, there is a huge rift in their relationship.What ensued was a never-ending argument that left both men exhausted.CAI xiaohua tried his best to mend the relationship and win back his wife’s heart, but all this failed and she eventually left.The divorce was formalized and the child was awarded to his wife by the court, with CAI xiaohua paying monthly maintenance costs.Physically and mentally exhausted, CAI Xiaohua had not thought of a bright future after a failed marriage into the confusion of his future, his decadent period lasted for a period of time.After collecting his feelings, CAI xiaohua found a lighter job as a security guard at a foreign language school.This job is not difficult, the work content is very easy, CAI Xiaohua also has no other requirements, enough to live on their own.Unexpectedly, such a decision actually changed his future life fate, rewriting his life.When he was on duty, CAI xiaohua would sometimes meet a foreign woman, and he did his job as usual without worrying about it.But once the woman walked right up to her and squeaked something.CAI Xiaohua had no idea what she was going to do and kept shaking her head in confusion.They “communicated” for a long time before the foreign woman gave up and walked away.CAI xiaohua is still confused, do not know what happened, what he did not expect is that this conversation is the beginning of their fate.The foreign woman, Tiffany, was a foreign teacher at the school. She wanted to ask CAI xiaohua for directions, but she couldn’t because of the language barrier.But the encounter opened up a channel of communication, and Tiffany greeted CAI every time she walked through the gate.Foreigners’ enthusiasm let CAI Xiaohua some unbearable, he was embarrassed to respond, had to nod.Tiffany was very different. She was a bit familiar. After one greeting, she stopped and asked If CAI would teach her Chinese.Of course, CAI xiaohua had no reason to refuse, so the relationship between the two went deeper and began simple daily exchanges.They had no language foundation and had to learn everything from scratch. They could only communicate through simple words and various auxiliary means.But be in this process, two people cultivated tacit understanding, deepened mutually to each other’s good impression.But CAI Xiaohua’s heart is inferior, because Tiffany’s family is far more than he, education and identity is not a small security can match him, and the age of two people is also very inappropriate, Tiffany is nine years younger than CAI Xiaohua.It was an experience that they would talk about in the future, and their lives had no chance of intersecting, but the next event changed Tiffany’s opinion.On one occasion, Tiffany was suddenly ill. She ignored it, but it turned into a fever. Tiffany took her medicine and lay at home resting.CAI Xiaohua found tiffany did not appear, after many inquiries that she was ill news, rushed to visit Tiffany.This time CAI xiaohua showed a man’s responsibility, busy in and out, and took good care of Tiffany.Tiffany at this time the heart is weak, CAI Xiaohua took advantage of the situation, soon deepened the good impression of Tiffany, two people become more intimate, Tiffany’s heart initiation will be further the idea of the relationship.Tiffany’s personality is very straightforward, she determined her own mind, want to know CAI Xiaohua’s idea.In a meal process, Tiffany showed his mind, CAI Xiaohua was tiffany’s straight ball hit meng, don’t know what to do, after a few words reluctantly, CAI Xiaohua ran away.Afterwards, CAI explained their situation to Tiffany, letting her know the gap between status and family conditions.But Tiffany was very optimistic, and she identified with this man, and she wanted to spend her life with him, and she did it.CAI Xiaohua had no choice, but he must have some ideas in his heart, but the gap between them was too huge, which made CAI xiaohua hesitate all the time and dared not reveal his ideas.Tsai and Tiffany each took a step back, leaving each other room to think and consider.However, Tiffany was determined to be with Him, so Tsai did not hesitate, they soon married, and gave birth to a lovely daughter.Despite all the media coverage and speculation about their marriage, CAI xiaohua moved to the United States, where he put down roots and his life changed forever.Of course there were frictions in their lives, but they were both willing to put in the effort, so family life remained stable.Then they had a second child, this time a boy, and the happy life continued.CAI xiaohua goes back to China once a year to meet her family and friends, but they have not been able to return to China in the past two years because of the epidemic.International love comes with all kinds of troubles, but as long as two people work hard, the relationship will never deteriorate.