In these areas, collective activities such as mass mourning and sweeping will be suspended

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Today (April 3) is the first day of the Qingming Festival holiday, which will also see the peak of the qingming festival. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has asked all localities to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control work and the qingming Festival festival, so as to avoid the occurrence of clusters of epidemics and scale rebound, and to meet the needs of the masses.The Ministry of Civil Affairs has requested that funeral services in medium-high risk areas be suspended, and collective activities such as centralized funeral services, ashes scattered into the sea and wake farewell should be suspended to prevent cluster infection. However, online funeral services and surrogate funeral services should be opened to meet the needs of the masses.In low-risk areas or areas where no epidemic has occurred, measures such as appointment screening, time-sharing and online and offline screening should be taken to meet the normal needs of the masses.Efforts will be made to promote civilized and low-carbon offerings such as online offerings, flower offerings, and family memorial services. Online offerings will be provided to the public through channels such as mobile clients and wechat public accounts, and on-site offerings will be reduced.Civil affairs departments at all levels and funeral service organizations should target different groups, especially the elderly, for difficulties in using smart technology, said Wang Jinhua, director of the Social Affairs Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.Traditional models such as telephone reservation and offline service will be retained, and green and convenient channels will be set up to meet the needs of special groups.Editor: Li Zuoxia Editor in charge: Ma Keyang