Jiuquan Municipal Office invited the Municipal Justice Bureau to carry out the special training on the Implementation Rules of Jiuquan Major Administrative Decision Procedure

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This net news for further study the implementation details of jiuquan city, the major administrative decision-making procedure propaganda and implementation, to better service the city major administrative decision-making in accordance with legal procedures as orderly, recently, the city office invited, justice of jiuquan city, gansu province, to send to major administrative decision-making procedures, improve decision quality and efficiency,Lectures were given to all staff of municipal government offices.The teaching content focuses on three aspects: the concept and characteristics of major administrative decisions, the scope of matters, the setting of procedures, and the requirements of implementation procedures. Combined with the actual work, a large number of work examples and typical cases are used.Suggestions to “implementation rules” to determine the decision, the decision to start, the draft form, expert argumentation, for advice, risk assessment, examination, fair competition to undertake unit legal review, public participation, to undertake the collective deliberation, the legitimacy review, research projects, the municipal government review and decision released 14 procedures and fulfill the requirements of every program,We have conducted comprehensive and systematic guidance and teaching, which have played a positive role in guiding and promoting the participants to accurately understand the significance of major administrative decisions, strictly implement the decisions, and serve the central work of the municipal government.Participants have said that through the training, will further enhance the awareness of procedures, in the service to ensure the municipal government’s major decision-making process, according to the procedures, guard the various gateways, with a rigorous and meticulous attitude, for the municipal government scientific decision-making, democratic decision-making, decision-making in accordance with the law to play a high-quality reliable staff assistant role.(Jiuquan Justice Bureau) Source: Justice Department of Gansu Province