“Knock on the door operation” send warmth!Install carbon monoxide alarms in the homes of elderly people living alone

2022-07-25 0 By

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily on February 9 (Article/video omnimedia reporter Yang Jiangui correspondent Happy) winter is the high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning.Today, the reporter learned from Changsha City Yuhua district, considering the area of rural security community, old community more, Changsha City Yuhua District urban management bureau from the Spring Festival before the start of the “knock on the door action”, has been 300 elderly people living alone and special groups of families free installation of carbon monoxide alarm and combustible gas alarm.Zhu Xinghu, 81, lives alone in Yongxiang community, Gaoqiao Street, Yuhua District, and uses bottled liquefied natural gas at home.He said he has always paid attention to the safety of gas, but he is also concerned because of factors such as easy aging of pipes.In order to save Zhu xinghu from worries, street and community staff came to his house and installed carbon monoxide alarm and combustible gas alarm respectively in his kitchen.”Grandpa, here’s a carbon monoxide alarm. We set it up for you.If the indoor carbon monoxide concentration exceeds the standard, it will automatically send out the ‘didi’ alarm sound, there are flashing reminders at night, this time must immediately open the doors and Windows for ventilation, people should go outside as soon as possible…”After the installation, the staff debugging, while teaching the elderly to use the method.”We can sleep soundly at night. This little box really solves our old people’s worries!”Zhu Xinghu said happily.Up to now, 651 carbon monoxide alarms have been installed in Yuhua District.Gas alarms have been installed in 3991 households.Urban management department said that the follow-up will focus on rural security, old residential areas, low-rent housing, unit staff dormitory and lonely elderly and other user groups, according to the side of the row, side installation principle, actively implement and promote the installation work.[Editor: Hu Yuanyuan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]