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Wu Zhendong, reporter of Xinhua News Agency, “After the ‘double reduction’, children’s life in and out of class is rich and colorful, and they have rich materials for writing essays.”Zhu Naimei, principal of Xunyang Road Primary School in Putuo District, Shanghai, shared her surprise discovery with reporters.As a Chinese teacher who has been teaching Chinese for more than 30 years, Zhu nai-mei likes to learn about students’ study and life status and sense their inner world from their compositions.Through a semester of students’ weekly “essays” observation, she saw an obvious new atmosphere: there is life in the words, the emotion has become delicate.With a touch of pride, Zhu showed the reporter the student “essays” saved on her phone. One of them was titled “A Mother’s love is Precious.”The voice came from the red, which I could vaguely detect swaying slightly.I looked over and saw a bird, hiding under the clusters of red flowers, staring back at me with its round eyes.Its eyes glistened, its wings glistened, a faint ring of dark red pearls encircled its neck…””I later learned that the child and his classmates had stumbled upon a bird’s nest on the windowsill of the teacher’s office. They kept observing it during the after-school service hours every day and incorporated their findings into their essay.”Because of the reduction in the amount of time spent on after-school training and the improvement in the quality of homework, children with lighter burdens now have “leisure” to observe things around them, and their writing materials are naturally enriched. The complaints of “having no time to write” and “having nothing to write” are rarely heard.After winter, xunyang Road primary school campus parasol trees were decorated by teachers lights, will be lit after dark.”I rubbed my eyes and when I looked up, I saw that it was not starlight but a tree full of lights!The light, though not strong, was plush and fluorescent…”In addition to the rich curriculum and activities on campus, the wonderful life off campus also provides students with a “source of vitality” for writing.In the “essays”, they have the satisfaction of attending the weekend football match, the harvest of visiting the museum, and the feeling of “punching in” the red landmarks of the city…”Writing also requires the accumulation of language.According to our statistics, the average student in 2021 will read 700,000 words, about 200,000 more than the previous year.This is also thanks to the ‘double cut’ policy, which gives children more time to read after school.”Chu Nai-mei said.”Only when education is rooted in the soil of life can it bear rich fruits.”Zhu Naimei said, next, Xunyang Road primary school on the one hand will continue to Open Day in the form, let parents into the classroom, understand the “double reduction” after the children’s school life, gratifying changes, reduce parents’ education anxiety;On the other hand, high-quality learning resources will be further expanded to guide children to get close to life and achieve all-round development.Recently, as a member of the Shanghai CPPCC, Zhu Nai-mei also brought her expectations to the Two sessions in Shanghai.She suggested further activating social resources, opening more online and offline venues, and enriching the education space created by the “double reduction” program.Data show that the “double reduction” task has been fully implemented in Shanghai.More than 91 percent of compulsory education training institutions have been cut.Resources inside and outside the school have been put to good use. 985 courses in art, sports and science and technology from 337 institutions have been opened to the school free of charge.According to a report on the work of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai will improve the long-term mechanism of “double reduction” in 2022, improve the quality of in-school education such as classroom teaching, after-school services and tutoring, and improve the comprehensive management mechanism of the training market.Shanghai, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) — Edited and proofread by Chen Hao, reviewed by Huang Yuexin, chief producer by Mo Guozhen, statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: