Pure battery life up to 201KM!Hafer H6 PHEV spy photo exposed, can standard Song PLUS DM-I work

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Recently, a group of Road test photos of Harvard H6 PHEV were exposed.The new car is a compact SUV and will be unveiled and available later this year.After the car is released, it will be a train type in the same car market, such as Standard Star Road Chase WIND ET-I and BYD Song PLUS DM-I.As for the new car will bring us what highlights?Let’s take a look at it with the car player.In terms of appearance, the H6 PHEV uses the family’s latest design language (above). The new car’s front face features a borderless point-matrix air intake grille, with sharp, wide LED lights on both sides connected to the Chinese grid.In addition, the new car under the air inlet and the front of the surrounding have been blackened.Compared with the design of fuel models, the PHEV version is more simple, elegant and fashionable.Side aspect, the waist line of the new car continues to the tail, plus suspension roof design, side window side skirt part of the silver decorative package embellishment, large size multi-amplitude wheel hub, through the taillight group and front face echo, boast spoiler, hidden exhaust layout, etc.The combination of these elements enhances the vehicle’s identification and creates a sense of power and movement atmosphere ready for the new car.The LENGTH, width and height of the Harvard H6 PHEV is 4653/1886/1730mm with a wheelbase of 2738mm.In terms of interior decoration, the new car is equipped with 10.25-inch crystal dashboard, 12.3-inch suspended central control screen, three-frame multi-functional steering wheel, and through-air conditioning air outlet, etc. The vehicle still adopts minimalist design to give attention to science and technology fashion sense and economic practicality.In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine and an electric motor, matched with a 41KW/h battery pack.The comprehensive output power of the system is 326PS, the comprehensive peak torque is 530N·m, and the pure electric range is 201KM (byd Song PLUS DM-I high edition pure electric range is 100KM). Summary:After all, the Haf H6 fuel version has been selling well in the domestic car market, but was later overtaken by BYD Song PLUS DM-I.In terms of the development trend of new energy vehicles, Hafu H6 hybrid model is inevitable.What do you think of the new car?If it were you, which hybrid would you consider?Let me know in the comments section.Editor: Eleven