The United States!Finnish sister immortal appearance level stole the spotlight, Chinese group temporarily ranked first, Wang Shiyue excited tears

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Figure skating ice dance free dance contest, this project will decide the gold medal today, after the figure skating on the ice dance rhythm, the Chinese team combination Wang Shiyue and LiuXinYu play good, technique of 40.16 points, 33.25 content promotion, free dance, today’s China portfolio will also be fully to the gold medal game,There are a total of 20 pairs, divided into four groups of five, and each pair will appear in reverse order according to the rhythmic dance ranking, with each team becoming stronger.In today’s competition, Maidenia Medvedeva watched the free dance of figure skating and cheered for the Russian team. In the first group, Maria Nazarova and Maria Nijini of Ukraine took the lead, choosing the music of “Backstage Romance”. Technical movements score:, the final score is 97.34, the second group is Armenia’s Galabdian and Proulx, technical movements: 55.74, program content: 45.42, the final score of their free dance 101.16.The third group is The Georgian pair Of Kazakova and Revia, technical 52.21, program content 45.04, free dance 97.25.The fourth group will feature a brother and sister team, The Czech republic’s Elena Kascherova and Elena Kaschler, who scored 55.42 points in the technical movement, 45.68 points in the program and 101.10 points in the free dance. The fifth group will feature the Finnish pair Tekkila and Vasilius, who scored 58.07 points in the technical movement, 47.58 points in the program and 105.65 points in the free dance.The Chinese group Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu appeared with the music Kung Fu Piano:Cello Ascends. They performed very well, with 61.34 points for technical movements and 50.67 points for program content. Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu got 111.01 points for free dance.The total score temporarily ranked the first, after the end of the game, Wang Shiyue was excited to tears.