The surge in “grey” imports has led to joint efforts by Kazakhstan and Russia

2022-07-25 0 By

The tripartite meeting on customs and tax work between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia was held in Almaty on February 15.The meeting was organized by the Kazakh side to ensure effective coordination of tax and customs services in the three countries.The meeting was chaired by Bakht Sulitanov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan.The Kyrgyz delegation was led by First Vice Chairman of the Cabinet Arzebek Koroshev, while the Russian delegation was led by Deputy Minister of Finance and State Secretary Alexei Sazanov.Within the framework of the tripartite meeting, the Conference of the Parties at the expert level and an expanded meeting including the heads of delegations of the three countries were held.Speaking at the meeting, Suitanov pointed out that the Eurasian Economic Union market has recently shown a trend of increasing trade volume of “grey” imports, which has aroused great attention from all member states.He pointed out that the increase in “grey” imports would lead to situations, including the impact on tax revenues and the inflow of unsafe fake and shoddy goods into THE EAEU market, and would further negatively affect the development of the market and harm sensitive sectors of the economy.During the meeting, the two countries discussed the effective implementation of the agreements reached last year at the finance Ministry level.The meeting discussed the exchange of information between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia, noting that this would help the three countries in their efforts to combat the shadow economy.Another important issue at the meeting was the correct representation of product value in the documents that accompany products that are traded with each other.All parties agreed on the importance of this issue and pledged to conduct in-depth cooperation on it.The three parties reached agreement on a cooperative action involving finance and law enforcement agencies of kazakhstan and Russia.After the meeting, the parties indicated that the implementation of the agreement will provide a positive impetus for strengthening customs and tax cooperation and have a positive impact on the overall economy of the two countries.For more information on Central Asia, please follow silk Road New Watch on wechat.