Three romantic movies opened on Valentine’s Day and took the top three spots at the box office, but they could still be fireworks

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Article | los small Yang on February 14, is the western valentine’s day.Now a lot of domestic audience also began to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and there is a trend of more and more.Valentine’s Day is also the day when most romantic movies are released.The valentine’s Day release of romantic movies, also is a complement.Romantic films are not popular in the film market, nor do they have great competitive advantages.Between Valentine’s Day and qixi, a traditional Chinese festival, these are the only two days of the year when romance films have an edge.On This year’s Valentine’s Day, there will be three romantic movies, including “Ten Years of Love”, “I Want to Go to Your World to Love You” and “Don’t Forget I Love You”.All three films have one thing in common: their names are poetic.According to the presale situation, the box office of Decade One Product Wen Ru Yan is the first.They were followed by “I Want to Go to Your World to Love You” and “Don’t Forget I Love You,” which had not a big difference in presale ticket sales.In addition, the three romance films also beat watergate Bridge, which had dominated the box office for nearly half a month, on Valentine’s Day.On the day after Valentine’s Day, the Lantern Festival on Feb 15, pre-sale ticket sales for romantic films plummeted.Why does this happen?The Spring Festival season has always been a popular one in the film market, and only films of high quality or with a style that fits the atmosphere of the Spring Festival season dare to choose it.The Spring Festival movies will either quickly dominate the box office or become cannon fodder.During the Spring Festival, when a large number of audiences are on holiday at home, going to the cinema has become a popular pastime.The annual Valentine’s Day usually falls around the Spring Festival, when most of the audiences are still immersed in the Spring Festival movies, and the popularity of movies on the Internet is basically based on the popular movies during the Spring Festival.Romantic films are not popular with audiences because they have no thrilling plots or fancy special effects in terms of plot.From the external and internal point of view, are slightly flat, which is the main reason that leads to the love film is not favored.The movie audience is generally divided into “watching movies” and “understanding movies” audience.Hollywood blockbusters accounted for half of China’s box office in recent years because of the large number of movie-going audiences.The “movie-savvy” audience is a small but growing segment of the audience.Romantic films are not exciting enough for movie-going audiences, or people think that such films are not worth the price of their ticket in the cinema, and they prefer to watch them through video websites after they are off the cinema.On Valentine’s Day, there is an atmosphere of love, leading to the popularity of romantic movies on this day.If a romantic movie has a good buzz on Valentine’s Day, it will continue to do so for a few days after valentine’s Day, but will soon be overtaken by other movies.We’ve heard of the May Day holiday, the National Day holiday, the Spring Festival holiday, but few of us have heard of the Valentine’s Day holiday.To be sure, Valentine’s Day doesn’t shape a specific movie calendar.For one thing, valentine’s Day is not an official holiday, so if you’re lucky and it falls on a weekend or the Lunar New Year holiday, it’s the icing on the cake for romance movies.On the other hand, valentine’s Day has a relatively small audience of young lovers, which determines that this date does not attract so much attention in the film market.To sum up, most of the romance released on Valentine’s Day is just a hot day.Better-quality films may last a few days at the box office, but more romantic films quickly fade after Valentine’s Day.