What can 5 dollars buy in Hangzhou aquatic product market?There were quite a few choices

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Qianjiang Evening News bring 5 yuan, to Hangzhou aquatic products market in a circle, you can buy what seafood?The chilled trading area of Hangzhou Aquatic products market sells first-hand seafood from Zhoushan and Ningbo, which is also a good place for gourmands in Hangzhou.Fishing boat does not go to sea during the Spring Festival, the seaside after section came many good goods, the price on February 16 compares to give force, the reporter rambled in hangzhou aquatic product market ice area rambles, explore many beautiful goods that spends 5 dollars to be able to buy unexpectedly.Chinese herring, tofu and duck egg fish are cheap, priced at 5 yuan per catty, and 5 yuan per catty in the aquatic market, making them the “monster” of cheap seafood.Tofu fish is not a rare dish. It is nothing more than tofu when cooked. This reporter shares a recipe for a seaside snack: Dried or dried tofu fish, and then served with oil pan or air fryer to make crispy and delicious dried fish that can be eaten for a long time.The famous ningbo dish “Salty Herring steamed egg” is the god dish of seaside people with rice, smelly and fragrant taste makes people unable to stop.Buy fish pick gill silk bright red more fresh, 3-4 two/fish, also only 5 yuan/jin.There are many kinds of pomfret, and the most commonly eaten silver pomfret is about 25 yuan per catty.In fact, silver pompano also has a cheap version, that is as long as 5 yuan/jin of duck egg pompano.Pomfret is the same pomfret, but not quite the same in appearance, pomfret looks like a duck egg, thick and plump meat, small pomfret is only the palm size.The cheapest seafood in the market is not 5 yuan per jin, but 3 yuan per jin.That’s a seafood blind box.Blind seafood boxes are rare, and it’s totally up to luck.However, I would like to buy a case of 30 jin at a time, and there are all kinds of fish in it.Two cases of foie liver, ©½¾, were found at the scene on February 16Next door to the blind box, there was a big batch of cuttlefish that had just arrived.Cuttlefish and squid, some people still can not distinguish, belly round is cuttlefish, long like a pen holder is squid.East China Sea cuttlefish often, squid is not common, on February 16, the market is available, a 20 yuan/jin, a 30 yuan/jin.Although they are a bit tricky to handle, they are tasty and meaty.The most popular fish is the yellow croaker. There are two versions. The meat of the small eye of fine Lin is more delicate, and the meat of the big eye of coarse Lin is slightly thicker.Two kinds of yellow croaker, the price difference is half, fine yellow croaker 12 yuan/jin, coarse yellow croaker 25 yuan/jin.Reporters found that most of the small yellow croaker is coarse Lin, fine Lin is a minority.There is also an even rarer “small yellow croaker” called Mei Tong fish, which is usually not as big as the small yellow croaker.On February 16th, there was a box of plum boy fish in the market, which was quite large. The price of one pair of plum boy fish was 100 yuan per catty. If it was half and half, it only cost more than 20 yuan per catty.Mei Tong fish is very delicious, the meat is tender and smooth far more than the small yellow croaker, especially the large fish, can meet but not seek, a turn around is bought.Hangzhou Aquatic Product Market is located in Gouzhuang, Yuhang. The chilled area mainly deals with wholesale and retail. The trading time is from 10:00 am to 3:00 PM every day.Chilled area sells seafood directly from the East China Sea to Hangzhou every day, all goods sold out on that day, chilled aquatic products do not do overnight sales, the most abundant supply, the most worthwhile time is around 12:00 noon.If you want to pick up the leak, bottom, you can come at two or three in the afternoon, this time has not sold out of the goods, the business will usually sell at a very low price.(Original title “5 yuan, in Hangzhou aquatic products market can buy what”, reporter Shi Wen.Editing by Wang Jia)