What positive energy can you learn from athletes like Gu Ailing and Su Yiming?

2022-07-25 0 By

First, love and adhere to Gu Ailing, Su Yiming two popular, the strength of the two young people shocked many people, also let many parents began to reflect on children’s education.These kids are not only professional national athletes, but also academically excellent.And skiing is just their hobby, because of the hobby so insist.Love is the best teacher, love is the biggest positive energy, because love, even if injured, will stick to it, never give up.They surprised a lot of people by winning the gold medal, but their subsequent efforts were even more amazing.4 years old began to learn skiing, fell up, injured, slowly self-healing.No one can casually succeed, only persistent efforts can bear attractive fruit.Gu’s words, though modest, are true: “Success is 1% talent and 99% effort.”No matter what you do, only aim at your goal, keep fighting for it, god will give you a big gift!Remember a word: “do simple things repeatedly, is an expert, repeat things attentively, is a winner”!Second, the education of children through watching these children challenge themselves, challenge the limit of the game, so that many parents began to reflect on their children’s education.Most parents in China only pay attention to their children’s academic classes and value their children’s exam results.In fact, the most correct way is to pay attention to children’s interests and hobbies, and help them keep going in their favorite field of interest. Su yiming’s leg injury, without his mother’s encouragement, he could not get out of the shadow of the injury.Many people envy “other people’s children”, in fact, there is no need to envy, the pattern of parents hidden in the future of the child, and envy other people’s children, it is better to start from their own.There is no substitute for family education, such as giving children the financial strength needed for education, communicating with them and helping them to move forward on their life road.He didn’t blame his teammates for their mistakes, but comforted them. After the game, he said on his micro blog: “As long as the country needs us, we can see wu Dajing’s unapologetic spirit.All participating sports athletes, no injury, no blood flow, they let me see the challenge of self, self pressure courage.They bring us too many things, a lot of feeling, a lot of happiness, in addition, I particularly like the ice dun dun that lovely appearance, the official website robbed several times did not rob.Let us take the Olympic spirit as an example, love what we love, do what we do, and challenge ourselves with extraordinary courage.