Worthy of being the best father!Cannavaro can defend the field, but also the family

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Ballon d ‘Or defender, World Player of the Year, World Cup winner…There are so many labels attached to cannavaro that he has few regrets as a player.As a coach, he led Guangzhou Evergrande to win the Chinese Super League championship and will soon be a coach in Europe, the most developed region of football industry. There are more brilliant achievements waiting for him to create.For Cannavaro, however, his greatest achievement may lie in the woman named Daniela.In life, Canavaro, in fact, is a very family-minded person, she and his wife Daniela childhood friends, love at the age of 16, 25 years old married, later the two have three children.Even if Daniela is just an ordinary hospital nurse, no angel face, devil figure, but Cannavaro has never been like other stars like the scandal, as a famous handsome football player, he has marked countless strikers, but never “close” other women than his wife.The names of his wife and children are also tattooed on the outside of his right calf, the Chinese characters for his daughter Madina are tattooed on his back, and his wife and eldest son Critienne are both born on July 17, which Cannavaro regards as “the most important day of the year”, and so on.He devotes almost all of his time away from the pitch to his family, and for this reason cannavaro was voted the “best father” by Italian fans.He defended his family as he had defended the Italian half, impregnable and unassailable.Even for many young fans who have never had the chance to witness cannavaro’s playing days, his reputation as a “golden defender” is well known, and he is the first choice of central defenders who can’t be found in the game.Now, “real Football” online signature moment version of Cannavaro, he is steady?Data speaks for itself.Statistically speaking, cannavaro’s defensive attributes are absolutely top: contact 93, initiative 99, defensive ability 99, steals 98…These statistics put together, basically established cannavaro “single defense king” status.Supplemented by vandals style, as well as the central defender rare the outbreak of the speed of 89 and 94, to the desire that cannavaro also is very strong, and has a high success rate, in the face of strong waist round power forward, cannavaro had enough body hardness and strength to fight, a quick speed, good technology to poach striker, fabio cannavaro could also as light as we have seen,Cannavaro’s official height is 176cm, prompting many to wonder if his anti-aircraft capabilities might be stretched too thin.Cannavaro has a 99 bounce, which is higher than most strikers, and is absolutely ceiling class.Remember fabio Cannavaro’s famous scene at the 2010 World Cup?Yes, his jumping is so “ridiculous”, his anti-air ability is not only not weak, but also quite scary, in marking, acrobatic clearance and other skills, the strength is impeccable.There is no shortage of good central defenders in Italian football. Why are so many fans obsessed with Cannavaro?Perhaps the answer lies not only in the court, but also in his family. 32 years of love and 23 years of holding hands with his wife make this man who looks firm and firm on the court more tender and charming outside the court.In today’s terms, Cannavaro is many people’s “quality love beans.”