Yin-yang Philosophy Exploration Series 204 (Taking the Impact of social environment on enterprises as an example)

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Of course, business management is a positive, in which the social environment should be negative. Managing this positive behavior must be based on understanding and respecting the negative social environment, so as to achieve greater success.The social environment here not only refers to the guidance of government departments, but also includes the development trend of today’s society.For example, the country is developing the semiconductor industry 2025 and other projects, at this time, enterprises have spare money, can invest in this aspect.The state attaches great importance to environmental protection, and the administrative departments of enterprises should pay attention to industrial pollution and other problems.Also attaches great importance to the development trend of the society as a whole, for example, the economic development of the Internet, artificial intelligence and developed on the basis of Shared economy, and so on should be attach importance to consumers may be produced by the new consumption patterns, as the management is to learn to ponder this development trend, such ability can be relatively reasonable policy.Xiaobian has been advocating the desire of anyone, as long as you are the heart, must understand what is negative?Only by understanding the negative objective environment, can we make relative comparative efforts on the basis of negative, otherwise many efforts will only get half the result with twice the effort.In enterprise management, we all have a black hole effect. When enterprises develop to a certain extent, they will eventually form a monopoly, even in our country, it is not the same.Each innovative project always moves forward together like a swarm at the beginning, but in the end it often ends up with only a few large capital left to eat up those small enterprises one by one and eventually form a monopoly. The bigger the monopoly is, the bigger the profit will be.People who often see the small series of we media affirm that monopoly in the small series of Yin and Yang theory should be relatively negative.