The National football team and the U23 team are set to travel to the Uae today

2022-07-26 0 By

Yangzi Evening News network March 17, (reporter Sun Yunyue zhang Chenasan Zhang Hao) at 14:20 this afternoon, the national football team and the U23 national football team will leave for the United Arab Emirates from Haikou Meilan Airport.The National football team will prepare for the upcoming final two round of 12 matches, while the National Olympic team will prepare for the Dubai Cup in late March.It is reported that the two teams of players and staff just 108 people, today at 14:20 PM by chartered flight to Dubai, and stay in a hotel in Sharjah, but the two teams will be on different floors.On this trip, the National team will play the last two games in the round of 12, against Saudi Arabia and Oman.The U23 team will play in the “Dubai Cup” international football tournament, starting with the UNITED Arab Emirates U23 team on March 23.