There are 14 styles in total

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The primary school students all over the country are about to start school, home with a little boy, is the haircut is cut, then open the little boy hairstyle how to cut it?Today we bring you 14 styles, cut really handsome, let’s take a look and choose, maybe there is the most suitable for their son that one.The first is very stereo airplane head, both sides roll out the effect of gradual change, relaxed and natural still have administrative levels feeling, the top of the head catches up very stereo have model, handsome impeccable.The second is still the airplane head shape, but also in the side corner of the position to join a very obvious carved line, so that this airplane head handsome more personality, at the same time with a black sunglasses, look really cool, no problem with the boy.The 3rd is stereo short broken hair, circumferential choice electric push cut is pushed directly short, clean and agile very show spirit, the top of the head retains certain length, probably 2 to 3 centimeters, with scissors clip into broken effect, nature has administrative levels feeling again.The 4th is side comb hair style, the side still used gradual change cut out gimmick, clean have administrative levels, vogue is advanced, the hair of the top of the head takes a few finalize the design product to comb a side, increased the height of the top of the head, vogue has fan again, can say it is the optimal model that plays cool.The fifth also belongs to the side comb hairstyle, but also into the sculpture and color to do collocation, not only deduce the personality and highlight the fashion, not handsome are difficult, for the round face of the little boy, there is a very good slimming effect.The sixth is a more individual little boy hairstyle, the position of the bangs through the method of hair styling to make a three-dimensional effect, but also the side of the eyebrow to join the notch, really cool very recognizable, a little ruffian elegant demeanor.Hairstyle is a creative little boy 7, we see his bangs adopted irregular cutting, has long have short very eye-catching, head slightly messy also special stereoscopic effect, side push short sideburns depend on the location of the retained some length, the temple concave boy, can have a very good decoration effect.The eighth style is the unconnected little boy hairstyle. The top of the head is pushed short on both sides to keep the shape of broken hair, which is put down to form the unconnected effect very fashionable and very popular.The ninth is a push edge small buzz cut, periphery along the hairline to do a clean push edge modeling, clean and relaxed, the rest of the length of one inch or so, spiritual fashion is not exaggerated.The 10th is super short round buzz cut, whole head is probably in the length of one centimeter left and right sides, cut forehead bang a clear edge line, avoid to have redundant nap, belong to the hairstyle that facilitate doing simply.The eleventh style is half tied hair, the head of the horseshoe area hair long tied a ball head, the periphery directly pushed into about 9 mm caliper, not only easy to take care of but also special fashion.The 12th style is half ponytail hair, with a long ponytail in the horseshoe area on the top of the head, but the surrounding choice of gradual cutting, handsome and fashionable show advanced.The 13th style is a combination of hair style, the surrounding ultra-short shape to join the carving is very three-dimensional characteristics, the head of the long hair to do a stick to the scalp, quite a little minority style, full of head turn let a person look at the memory.The fourteenth is a very creative little boy hairstyle, periphery shovel short top chose two stick head braid, personality in fashion perfect fusion, the home has a little boy seems to want to try, today for everyone to recommend these 14 open year little boy hairstyle, which one do you like best?Leave a comment and don’t forget to follow me if you want to see more fashionable hairstyles.I need you to be my friend because you know how to listen to me and pay attention to me. Thank you for having you.