Changyang County traffic police brigade and mill city police station into luxi village to carry out “beautiful village” traffic safety publicity activities

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On March 28, changyang County traffic police brigade and Moshi police station organized the “beautiful village Trip” traffic safety publicity activity in the legal square of Luxi Village Committee under their jurisdiction, which was welcomed by local villagers.LuXi village is located in the national grinding (city) county economic development zone industrial park, is a “dragon boat ping) five eyes (spring)” level road connecting the city’s main channel, the enterprises that settle down this year’s investment promotion and capital introduction of dozens of project construction, and construction area is close to 4 km, combined with the residents relocation centralized building land expropriation, along the road intersection,Nearly a thousand heavy trucks are densely transported every day, and traffic safety risks are prominent. In order to effectively prevent traffic accidents and enhance the villagers’ traffic safety awareness and self-protection ability, the traffic police brigade took the initiative to connect with the Moshi police station and organized this publicity activity in a targeted way.On that day morning, great instructor zhi-ming zhou squadron police leading group office and the legal system in the city with the cooperation of the policemen, carrying department bureau) propaganda chart and brigade printed publicity materials and equipment for the propaganda to LuXi committee set decoration, hanging banners, organization of more than 60 local villagers centralized traffic safety knowledge popularization activity.At the event, legal squadron police battalion hu less force in a comprehensible language in detail the villagers go out to walk, ride and ride motorcycles, travel security considerations, told the villagers driving a motor vehicle on road to obtain a consistent with quasi driving type of motor vehicle driving license, vehicle should do his plate, insurance, and regularly take part in the annual inspection,Illegal overcrowding, speeding, drinking and driving are strictly prohibited.Then the interactive link of questions and answers was carried out, which pushed the activity to a climax. The traffic safety publicity activity of “Beautiful Village Trip” received good social effects.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: