Chow Yun-fat, whose net worth is 5.6 billion yuan, took the subway every day. After his death, he wanted to make a naked donation, but was upstaged by a 100,000 yuan bicycle

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After the death of 5.6 billion chow yun-fat by subway every day, want to naked donate, bicycle rob mirror was 100000 yuan, chow yun-fat is a everyone are very familiar with and favorite actor, at home also is one of the star, has been in line for decades, from the initial supporting role, become the male one, all the way best actor awards have been won many times, many people said that he is the best actor in the best actor,Few people can be compared, acting now, he is also a leading star paid, so the price is very high, early 5.6 billion came he is worth, but chow is a very low-key person, he doesn’t like luxury homes, take the subway every day, go to vegetable market to buy food, no difference with ordinary people, very casual, don’t like star, no shelves,Including chow yun-fat’s wife also is same, wearing also is very simple, they have been married for decades, always have no children, but he has such a big house, everyone curious chow yun-fat’s death, his property to do, then send the elder brother said he died, will be naked donate all property, the money comes from society, finally also give back to society,You also don’t believe at first, then send her at the time of interview, has prepared all the said, communicate with charity is good, but so many years elder brother, a did not appear at the charity party, and has always said he was to do the subway, but friends jiang revealed that said 100000 chow yun-fat often rides a bike to buy food,Chow Yun-fat has always been said to be low-key, but now he is also upstaged by the 100,000-yuan bicycle.