Does 3 rooms 2 halls change 5 rent illegal?

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Three rooms two rooms to five rental if there is no adjustment to the overall structure of the house is not illegal, but if the overall structure of the house has changed, especially the load-bearing wall has changed, it is illegal.Therefore, the specific operation of the change should be noted, depending on the specific situation to determine whether the violation has been caused.What should housing structure change pay attention to?Building structure cannot change without authorization, moderate adjustment is ok of course.Only when adjusting, the specific load-bearing wall can not be touched.Once the load-bearing wall of the house occurs, the damage to the house is very great, and even the whole building will become dangerous.How to make structural changes?When it is necessary to change the structure of the house, if some internal pipelines need to be changed, professional personnel can go to change has become a content that can not be ignored.Under the operation of professional staff, the safety of the house after modification can be ensured, and it is also very comfortable to live in.How are structural changes planned?The original structure of the house often makes many families feel uncomfortable to live in. When this happens, it is really important to change the structure of the house to suit your living habits.Only in this way can the structure of the house be kept in an ideal state and the comfort level of the house be very high.Edit SouTu