Even if you question it, even if you ask why, so what?

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Even if you question it, even if you ask why, so what?There’s no need to be miserable or upset about it, because that’s just what human beings are: a restless heart full of wonder, anticipation, hope.Life cannot wait for others to arrange it. It must be fought for.No matter the outcome is happy or sad, you can take comfort in the fact that you have lived your life in this world.With this knowledge, you will appreciate life and not be cynical;At the same time, it will also inject itself with a powerful inner strength.You’ll still be confused, but less annoyed.A person’s life habits feel very good, will still be lonely want a rely on, but always say it doesn’t matter to yourself, try to live every day.You will still think of the one who accompanied you, but you will not be so insistent about her life recently.The past is the past, those who loved those in the bottom of my heart, look back, actually learned to laugh it off.My lifelong desire is not to live, if that which others are doing can be called alive, but to declare myself.I had little or no interest in real things;Only what I imagined existed, what I stifled every day in order to live, interested me.Image source network