Jiujiang Bilingual Experimental School held the opening ceremony and the first class of spring 2022

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Jiujiang News network (Liao Xianhui Liu Lu) Tiger pentium open scenery, tiger Tiger shengwei exhibition grand plan.On Feb 21, the spring 2022 opening ceremony of Jiujiang Bilingual Experimental School was held.Start from spring and move to the future together!Teachers and students with a new look, full of enthusiasm, positive attitude opened the new semester, the first lesson of the new semester.The opening ceremony was recorded at 8:30 a.m. 114 classes in three campuses watched the video at the same time.With the melodious national anthem and the bright five-star red flag, the ceremony unfolded slowly.Under the national flag flying in the wind, our school leaders also gave you the “New Year’s gift”, expressed a warm expectation for the arrival of the new semester, but also put forward new requirements and expectations for the students: do “love” people, do “love reading” people, do “responsible” people.The complimentary words from school leaders make us feel excited and encouraged, and make our study and life goals more clear and firm!Then, outstanding teacher representative Chen Wenxuan made a wonderful speech.She said that the new journey has taken a step forward, I hope students forward with the bags of these three things: one to bring ideals and goals, two to bring confidence and strong, three to bring diligence and efforts.The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Beijing, our athletes also have ideals, goals, persistence and diligence, will have the moment of success!Student representative Tao Sixuan also expressed her determination, saying, “The new semester, the new atmosphere, the new spirit, the new look, the new goal, in the new semester, we must use sweat and diligence to sow a better tomorrow!Finally, the students of Class 4 (15) brought the dance “Happy New Year” and the students of grade 5 brought the recitation “I am proud, I am a Chinese baby!”As the students of the new era of China, we are very proud of our long history and splendid culture.This pride and pride has been deeply rooted in the hearts of every Chinese!It is the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. After the opening ceremony, each class held a team meeting with the theme of “Tiger Force, together for the future”.Let the students understand the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, encourage the students under the Olympic spirit, strong will, strong body, plant a new hope, hand in hand to the future.During the winter vacation, Jiujiang Bilingual Experimental School organized a variety of practical activities.In the first lesson of the new term, the young pioneers of each class shared their special winter vacation life, including the introduction of making bookmarks and the analysis of how to make delicious food. They shared their happy winter vacation life with the students.The new semester, let us start from the spring, in the struggle to forge ahead to carry forward the Olympic spirit and energy, with a good vision, with a solid pace, continue to write a new brilliant, together to the future, do your best!