Liu Jiajun serving the Winter Olympics is the most glorious and happy thing

2022-07-27 0 By

Liu Jiajun, who will be 60 years old in November, is the oldest volunteer for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. As an English professor at the School of Foreign Languages of Hebei University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, why is she willing to work as a volunteer in the freezing weather?”It is the most glorious and happy thing to serve the Winter Olympics and Paralympics,” liu jiajun said.On July 31, 2015, when Ioc President Thomas Bach announced that Beijing, China had won the right to host the 24th Winter Olympic Games in 2022, Liu Jiajun had decided to do something for the Winter Olympic Games.In daily life, Liu jiajun has been enthusiastically involved in various public welfare undertakings and won the bronze Award of national Unpaid blood donation award in 2020.When liu learned that his school needed several English teachers to volunteer for the Winter Olympics, he signed up without hesitation.Because liu jiajun is the oldest volunteer, in the training class, carefully understand, repeatedly practice, spare time to step up the Olympic knowledge and customs of different countries to learn, for fear of failing to meet the requirements of a qualified volunteer.In January this year, Liu Jiajun, who was about to go to war, couldn’t sleep.Liu’s 97-year-old father was injured in an accident in September last year and is still bedridden and unable to take care of himself, requiring round-the-clock care.”After nearly two years of training, the country has spent a lot of money, material resources and manpower on each volunteer. How can I give up so easily?”.In the end, it was her father who made the decision for her: “Serve the Winter Olympics well, don’t let yourself regret, don’t miss me.”In the Area of the Winter Olympics, Liu Jiajun not only gave full play to her English specialty, trained and coached students and volunteers to speak English, but also took charge of audience order maintenance and guidance in the event service field.She is not afraid of the cold, stick to the winter Olympics volunteer this outdoor line hard work.Liu jiajun said, “This volunteer service gives me the opportunity to grow together with the public welfare cause I love. My feelings and responsibility for this cause are the driving force for my continuous efforts and contributions.I will continue to promote the volunteer spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress, patience, thoughtfulness and meticulousness, and contribute love and spread positive energy.”(Reporter Sun Qiran correspondent Li Xiaoqing)