Often eat sauerkraut, in the end is “health” or “body injury”?The article tells you the answer

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I believe that you should not be strange to this kind of food pickled cabbage, as if pickled cabbage is one of the northeast people’s favorite food.Especially in winter, many people in northeast China often put sauerkraut on the table. I think you should know very well that in winter, people in northeast China like to buy a lot of cabbage at home. In fact, sauerkraut is cabbage made by special pickling and fermentation.With the communication of food culture, sauerkraut is no longer exclusive to the northeast people, because people in other regions also love to eat sauerkraut.However, there are different opinions about eating sauerkraut. Some people think that eating sauerkraut regularly can bring many benefits to people’s health. However, some people think that after all, sauerkraut is a kind of pickled food, and eating too much will seriously harm people’s health.Which is more accurate?I think you are also very curious about this question. Let’s get to know it in detail.Often eat sauerkraut, in the end is “health” or “body injury”?The article tells you the answer. There has been a great debate about whether eating sauerkraut is good or bad, so there have been related institutions to do similar experiments.Many foods may produce nitrite in the process of pickling and fermentation, which is a very strong carcinogen. After being ingested in the human body, it is likely to increase the burden on the body and even increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, the experimenter made a corresponding study on the nitrite content in pickling of pickled cabbage.It was found that the content of nitrite in pickled pickled cabbage ranged from 5.2 to 7.3mg/kg on the first day, and reached 189.2 to 213.4 on the fifth day.Many people may think that the longer the pickle time is, the higher the nitrite content will be, which will seriously harm the body. However, the test results on the 10th day of pickled pickled cabbage found that the nitrite content was 21.3~26.9, which obviously showed a decreasing trend.On the 15th day of pickled pickled cabbage, the content of nitrite was significantly lower than that on the first day.So in the process of pickling, it is not that the nitrite contained in it has been in a very high state, after the fifth day of which the content of nitrite will be slowly reduced, so it is not based on eating pickling cancer.Of course, we should also remind you, do not choose to eat sauerkraut when the nitrite content is very high, because excessive intake will lead to a large number of nitrite into the human body, thus affecting human health.Of course, even when the content of nitrite in sauerkraut is relatively low, we should also pay attention to the control of intake of sauerkraut, do not consume a large amount of it.After all, pickled pickled cabbage also needs to add a certain amount of salt, so it is likely to lead to a significant increase in sodium content, too much sodium into the body, not only will affect kidney health, and even cause certain cardiovascular stimulation and injury.Of course, eating sauerkraut correctly can actually make the body reap some benefits, such as the following points.If you do not pay attention to the diet in daily life, it is likely to appear constipation, but many people do not care about this thing, think that even if there is a problem of constipation, there is no big impact.If frequent constipation is likely to increase the burden of the intestinal tract, and may even increase the risk of anorectal diseases.The raw material of sauerkraut is Chinese cabbage, which is rich in dietary fiber. After entering the body, this substance can play the effect of moisturizing the intestine and defecating, and also accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis to a certain extent. Therefore, people who are often constipated eat sauerkraut correctly, which may help to improve constipation.Spleen appetizer is affected by some factors, some people’s appetite may become poor, poor appetite often do not like to eat, but do not eat anything, the body can not get the nutrition needed, the consequences are more serious.For those with poor appetite, appropriate to eat sour pickled cabbage, might be able to play the effect of the spleen appetizer, help to increase appetite, because of sauerkraut contains a certain amount of organic acids, such as under the action of lactic acid in influenced by irritating effect, can let a person’s stomach peristalsis faster and faster, thereby the effect of the spleen and appetizing.Sauerkraut is rich in copper, which is an essential trace element for body development and is of great significance for the health of the immune system, skin, bone, hair and central nervous system.Therefore, those who are not in good health or have central nervous system abnormalities, often eat pickled cabbage, perhaps to a certain extent, can promote the development of the central nervous system, but also improve other abnormal problems.What else do you know about the benefits of eating pickled cabbage in the right way?Feel free to leave a comment below.