People call Bing | Resident health card unavailable?Related department: The system is incompatible and is expected to return to normal in the near future

2022-07-27 0 By

Ping newspaper rong media reporter MAO Xixi Wang Danuo a few days ago, citizens Liu mou to the city 12345 people call bing pingguan news appeal said its health card can not be used, “the city’s medical institutions general residents health card in pingmei what medical group general hospital can not be used, but also separately for the hospital card, unreasonable, inconvenient.”The city 12345 citizen call bing Center will form the citizens’ demands and distribute them to relevant departments.Soon, the city health commission, pingmei what medical group general Hospital through the city 12345 people call bing center for a detailed response.According to the reply, after the launch of the new medical insurance system in mid-November 2021, the general Hospital of Pingmei Medical Group found that any self-service machine or window equipped with residents’ health card readers could not use the third-generation medical insurance card.After found the problem, it performs the test research and optimize the process, still can’t make the third generation of health care card reader and residents health card reader is compatible with, the reason for this is the third generation of medicare card and residents health card reader to read the card read them in the non-contact rf card read, when a self-service machine or computer plugged into a medicare card reader at the same time window and residents health card reader,The new medicare system program will read residents’ health card readers by default, resulting in unrecognizable medicare card readers.Considering that the proportion of patients using medical insurance cards in Pingmei What Medical Group General Hospital accounts for about 70% of all patients, and the patients with wechat, Alipay, ID cards and previously issued medical cards account for about 25% of all patients.In order to guarantee the treatment of most patients and the limited number of self-service machines and Windows in the hospital, it is impossible to allocate special self-service machines and Windows to use residents’ health cards alone, so the residents’ health card readers are temporarily removed and only medical insurance card readers are used.It is worth looking forward to, for the public demand, the Central Plains Bank in pingmei what medical group general hospital invested in the new self-help machine most of the functions of the successful commissioning, residents health card procedures are being debugging, after the recent normal commissioning, the hospital will be transferred out 1 to 2 new self-help machine dedicated to the use of residents health card.”In the future, we will also actively communicate with relevant card issuing units to strive for residents’ health cards to be used in all self-service machines and Windows of our hospital.”Pingmei what medical group general hospital through the city 12345 people call bing center response.Editor: Ge Shenghua