Primary school art “Happiness, Sadness and Joy” lecture draft

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Teaching material knowledge is power, and teaching material is an important carrier for students to acquire knowledge and develop intelligence.This lesson is selected from the people’s Education Press primary school art grade five, second volume, Lesson 6, belongs to the “modeling and expression” learning field.The main content of this lesson is to understand the characteristics of joy, anger, sorrow and joy, master the features of the facial features of different expressions, and learn to use line drawing to create a portrait with rich expressions.Through the learning of this class, students can experience the fun of modeling and develop a good habit of carefully observing things around them.Two, said learning only understand students, practical for the sake of students, in order to really a good lesson.The fifth grade students have a strong thirst for knowledge and innovative spirit. They have active thoughts and rich imagination, but they do not know enough about the method of careful observation and portrayal of characters’ expressions.Therefore, I will guide students to observe the changes of expressions and expressions of classmates around them, and encourage students to boldly use line drawing to create.Three, said the teaching goal according to the analysis of the teaching material status and role, and in combination with the practical situation of students, I am sure that the following 3 d object: knowledge and skills: understand the characters of common happiness, anger, sorrow and joy four types of expressions, observe the different expressions of facial features, to grasp the method of different expressions of performance, tried, by means of line draw the outline character expression characteristics.Process and method: observe the expression changes of the characters in art works, experience the emotions brought by different expression changes, analyze the characteristics of the changes of facial features of different expressions, and create an expression of the character head by line drawing.Emotions, attitudes and values: Enhance the ability to perceive facial features and develop the habit of carefully observing things around.Four, say the teaching heavy and difficult point according to the curriculum standard, on the basis of thoroughly understanding the teaching material, I established the following teaching heavy and difficult point: key: use the line drawing way to create portrait painting with expression.Difficulty: Can accurately grasp the facial features of the characters in the creation.Only by adhering to the “student-centered, teacher-led principle” according to the law of students’ psychological development and adopting the teaching method that students are willing to accept, can we help students learn better.Therefore, in this class, I will adopt teaching methods such as game method, group cooperative inquiry method and demonstration teaching method to fully mobilize students’ enthusiasm in class and highlight students’ dominant position.Six, teaching preparation, “to do good work, must first sharpen its tools”, good teaching preparation can improve the classroom teaching effect.Therefore, I prepared watercolor pen, painting paper, multimedia courseware and other teaching tools.Teaching process teaching process is the concrete presentation of a good lesson, each link must be rigorous, serious treatment.This part I will focus on: activity 1: interesting situation import vivid import can stimulate students study enthusiasm, lay a good foundation to the success of teaching, so I will set the “emotional roller coaster, I for you to do” game, student representatives, please according to my description of situation makes the corresponding expressions, such as: receive gifts, quarrel, lost beloved toys, etc.Other students watch carefully and think about the question: What kinds of emotional changes do you see?Students express their opinions: they are happy, angry, sad and so on.In this way, students can understand that people’s emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow and joy are often presented through facial expressions, which leads to the title of this lesson “Happiness, Sorrow and Joy”.Images are the basis of vision and an important source for us to know the world.In order to let the students master the elements of the characters’ expressions, I will show repin’s representative work “Champolosh letters to the Sultan of Turkey”, and lead the students to observe the characters’ expressions and guess the characters’ mood.The students were able to accurately answer the questions: there were angry winks, and there were happy smiles.Then I will ask the students to say: what facial expressions of the characters through the changes of the expression?The students speak freely, and then summarize: facial expression is mainly through the subtle changes of eyebrows, eyes and mouth.Students will be accurate performance character emotions, also need to grasp the variation, features of the facial features, so I’ll set spell spell spell “expression” activities, students in the art team, please, the different expressions of the facial features four emotions into with the joys and sorrows of human heads, and discuss in after the completion of the problem: different expressions show what kind of facial features respectively?Teachers and students concluded that the expression of the character can be used to express: “draw people smile, eyebrows open eyes curved mouth;Painting people cry, eyebrows drop eyes shed tears;Draw a person angry, stand staring teeth clenched;Draw people worry, frown shrink eyes mouth off.”At this point, the students have mastered the change characteristics of expression, but how to show the characters facial expressions are vague, I will through the way of display student work, guides the student to observe work forms and its change characteristics, concluded that in line-drawing characters image creation, want to combine the length of the line, its merits, the density of different changes to express the characters facial expressions.Through group discussion, students’ main body status is fully reflected, and they really become the masters of learning.In order to help students break through the creation difficulties of this class, I will demonstrate the steps of line drawing of the head of a person with expression: Step 1: Observe the facial expression of the drawing object and draw the outline of the face;The second step: add facial features for detailed characterization;Step 3: Adjust the character’s hair and clothes;Step 4: Sort out the details and finish the work.As the saying goes, practice is the only way to test truth.This is also the case in teaching, so I will ask students to carefully observe the expressions of the friends around them and complete a line drawing of the head pictures with expressions.During the creation of students, I would make a tour and give guidance on the depiction of characters’ expressions and the use of lines.After the creation, I will set up the situation of “expression master”, and ask students to paste their works on the display board, and evaluate their work from various aspects such as expression, emotion depiction, line application and so on.Through such arrangement, students can make clear their own advantages and disadvantages, and establish the self-confidence of creation.Class summary can help students summarize key points and clarify the context.At the end of the course, I will lead the students to review the important and difficult points in combination with blackboard writing, and sublimate their emotions from the perspective of observing life and paying attention to classmates. Finally, students will be asked to mount their portrait works after class and give each other souvenirs.In this way, students can develop the good habit of careful observation and diligent thinking, and feel the fun of art and life.Blackboard writing is an important basis to help students create, so my blackboard writing structure is clear, reasonable layout, to give students a beautiful enjoyment, the following is my blackboard writing design.