Reporter xu Jiayin said: Evergrande will continue to do football Guangzhou team positioning as the cradle and platform

2022-07-27 0 By

February 19, Beijing time news, reporter Fengzhen reported that Xu Jiayin held a club management meeting today, appointed wang Yajun, president of football school guangzhou football Club, Gao Han general manager.According to Mr Feng, Mr Xu officially stated at the management meeting that Evergrande would continue to play football and that Guangzhou was now positioned as a “cradle and platform”.At the meeting, Xu jiayin stressed that Evergrande will continue to unswervingly do well in football, and the next goal is to make solid contributions to the development and rise of Chinese football.Should according to the group, Mr Xu said “take Evergrande football school building become the cradle of Chinese football star, guangzhou team to cradle platform” requirements, through from distraction to the club’s path of talent training, cogent accomplish “football grab from baby”, batches of conveyor outstanding young talent, out of a club and a distraction self hematopoietic, the new way of virtuous circle,To contribute to the revitalization of Chinese football.