Spring skin care tips, how much do you know?6 spring skin care tips for you!

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Spring temperature gradually warmer, climate change, many babies began to have skin disorders.Pollen and catkins in the air can cause allergies. In short, spring skin care is really important!01. Don’t Put on Makeup Right after you Take a shower. After we take a shower, our body and mind are relaxed and our pores are open.If you make up at this time, cosmetics will be more likely to invade our skin, and the skin is more fragile at this time, if it is sensitive muscle, it is even more undesirable.How long does it take to put on makeup after a shower?Is the solution should be at least 1 hour later, such as skin acidity to restore normal makeup is more appropriate.02, the mask is also divided into positive and negative now more and more facial mask with pearlescent plastic pieces, when using should not have plastic pieces, or with non-pearlescent plastic pieces of the face.Wait until the mask is completely flat on the face, then remove the plastic sheet.Biological fiber face film can have positive and negative distinction commonly, also can mark specially on packaging, note to explain when using.Eye cream During the day and night skin care focus on different night superimposed with different effects of skin care products is more conducive to skin care.But before making up during the day, it is necessary to simplify skin care, otherwise it will lead to bottom makeup card powder, unsatisfied.And can not use night cream instead of eye cream around the eyes is the skin cuticle is the thinnest, the skin gland distribution is the least part, can not bear too much nutrition.04, moisturizing is a lifetime of skin care homework water is the most important part of our body, dry skin will feel rough, no longer plump soft, there will be fine lines.Whether you’re 18 or 80, moisturizing is a daily necessity.Especially after the age of 30, the amount of oil secreted by the skin will decrease. At this time, it is necessary to use moisturizing moisturizing products. Keep your skin hydrated every day, and you will be younger than others.05, bask in it is 365 days should besmear in the sun ultraviolet ray A (UVA) is the prime culprit that causes skin aging, hyperplasia wrinkle and blacken, serious word still may bring about skin cancer.Ultraviolet B rays (UVB) damage the DNA on the skin’s surface, causing sunburn.It may not be obvious when you’re younger, but the older you get, the only difference you can “look” from your peers is how well you were protected from the sun when you were younger.So, even if stay indoors, also need to do a good year round sunscreen!After all, tanned can be white back, tan spots wrinkle, sun old powerless to return to the day.Your diet affects the state of your skin, and a balanced diet isn’t just good for your body, it’s also great for your skin.Green foods and healthy foods will keep your skin smooth and even, and plenty of vitamins and antioxidants will slow down the aging process.Green vegetables, white rice, red meat, orange carrots…All of these foods are essential to our daily diet, and you have to adapt to different ingredients.All in all, no amount of good skin care is as good as a disciplined daily routine and a healthy diet