The beginning of spring!Seven big news for Friday’s market

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1. The box office hit 3.475 billion yuan between the first and third days of the lunar New Year.According to preliminary statistics from the State Film Administration, the box office between the first and third days of the lunar New Year reached 3.475 billion yuan, exceeding 1 billion yuan a day.It is not easy for the film market to achieve another good performance during the Spring Festival. Audiences gave high reviews to the films as a whole, but they were afraid of the high ticket prices, with the average ticket price exceeding 100 yuan, a record high in the Spring Festival period.Nasdaq 100 index futures are up 2%, S&P 500 index futures are up 1.2%, and Dow futures are up 0.58%.Reading: last night, suffers from meta financial data BaoLei tumbled 26%, create the biggest daily in the history of stock market capitalization stocks record of $260 billion, equivalent to a went to an era of ningde, not the kui is the daughter of the landlord’s elder sister, heroism, cause the entire tech with a U.S. stocks tumbled and one for issue has risen again, now that volatility is also let people heart.3. Japan is considering shipping natural gas to Europe because of tensions in Ukraine, according to Kyodo News agency.Unpack: I smiled again, foot basin chicken zha so ability, also do not know oneself surname what, this is to want to do 2 road dealer or zha, the natural gas that buys from Russia is cheap, want to turn hand hair brushstroke wealth yao?Or do you want to show your support for your European Allies with The eagle sauce?4. Amazon shares rose more than 15% in after-hours trading as its fourth-quarter operating profit beat market expectations at $3.5 billion.Snap shares rose more than 50% after hours as the company reported its first quarterly net profit in history.Reading:Company earnings below expectations may be $250 billion, evaporation, and then shoot up can implement performance than expected, compared with the a-share companies with good quality and also dropped more than expected, more want to fall in line with expectations, not as good as expected kneel directly, there is no truth to tell, but trash is up is good, the investment and speculative reflect incisively and vividly, hope A learn, speak in performance.The nasdaq 100 suffered its biggest one-day drop since September 2020.Interpretation: The three major U.S. stock indexes closed down sharply last night, the Nasdaq down 3.74%, the S&P 500 down 2.44%, the Dow down 1.45%.The Nasdaq 100 plunged 4.2%, its biggest drop since September 2020.Us large tech stocks were lower across the board, Meta Platforms closed down 26%, losing about $252 billion in market capitalization, the largest market cap decline in US stock market history.Amazon fell nearly 8%, Netflix fell more than 5%, Google fell more than 3% and Apple fell nearly 2%.Hot concept stocks were mixed, fluent up more than 24%, Tianmei biological up more than 23%, Zhilin Group up more than 18%, Happy Car down more than 10%, Baiji Shenzhou down 9%.Chinese concept of new energy vehicle stocks lower across the board, Xiaopeng Automobile fell more than 3%, NiO Automobile, Ideal automobile fell more than 2%.6. The Bank of England raised its base rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 0.50% and unanimously agreed to end corporate bond purchases, shaking the belief that rates would not rise across the eurozone.The Bank of England came close to raising interest rates by an unscheduled 50 basis points on Thursday, but the European Central Bank (ECB), which updated its decision on monetary policy on the same day, did not mention that a rate hike this year was unlikely.The ECB’s decision to keep the key interest rate unchanged and stop the PEPP (Emergency Epidemic Purchase Program) program in March fully met market expectations. What really triggered market volatility was the subsequent press conference of President Lagarde.They have long said they want European policy independence, but they seem to think too highly of them.7. WTI crude oil futures surged 2.5% above the $90 mark on the back of the supply side pressure news, adding fuel to the extremely anxious global inflation situation.Reading:Rates while tightening to curb inflation and oil prices hit the $90 mark has hit a record in recent years, this dish chess is really very cow, although eagle sauce is a bigger country inflation, but compared to economic recovery bear the cost of a drop in the bucket, then at high prices to eagle sauce oil exports also bring huge profits, as the top oil producer,The oil and gas industry as a whole has surpassed the Trump era, but the business is booming.