What are the telltale signs in a relationship that a man is no longer interested in you?

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Singer Xue Zhiqian sings in “Unfinished Song” : “You are my hoarse unfinished song. Why should I laugh at you after listening to it?Replay in the memory, be squandered, originally I sing all is lonely.You left out, so silence, because you moved, so persistent.The songs I sing, the corners I have with you, all make me sad.”Saw the man perfunctory expression, every woman is hardly wished to live.Women have paid all, but men do not know how to cherish.The woman is still trying to make it up, but the man has long since let go.Between two people lost the emotional maintenance, the flame of love is gone.Although the man does not want to admit it, but his indifference has already broken the heart of a woman.A man is prepared for this, and his attitude to women has been turned upside down.What are the telltale signs in a relationship that a man is no longer interested in you?I like this sentence very much: “loneliness is when you have something to say, no one listens to you, but you have nothing to say when someone listens.”When you want to talk, no one listens. When someone listens, they are unwilling to continue to express themselves.The man and you together have nothing to say, the man has already lost the freshness to you.Men always love to ignore the state, there is no emotional intersection between two people.The woman has made a concession, the woman every time in the initiative to find a topic.Women try to catch a man’s attention with novel topics, but men often ignore them.A man gets bored when a woman talks too much.He will accuse the woman of unreasonable, more will take the initiative to leave.A quarrel breaks out when two people disagree a word, and some words are better left unsaid.Start pointing fingers at each other when you have an argument. Men don’t think about your feelings.When a man loses his feelings for you, he won’t answer your questions seriously.When a man makes a mistake, he still denies it.You suspect a man of two minds, but a man will say nothing.Even if you keep asking questions, he’ll keep silent.Two people no longer have the same topic, two people can not develop common interests.Men don’t care about your feelings and won’t talk to you.Even if he has a grievance, he won’t ask for your help.I would rather share my life with a stranger on the other side of my phone than waste my time on you.Every word a man says to you is no more than ten words, and at the end of the day, it’s just a nod and a shake.A man can’t see your heartbreak, and he won’t take the initiative to enlighten.A man has made up his mind to leave your world, and his feelings for you are getting weaker and weaker.Between two people from beginning to end separated by an insurmountable gap, two people walk more and more far writer Guo Jingming said: “you will never see my most lonely appearance, because only you are not around me, I just the most lonely.”A man is deliberately distancing himself from your life, so he can’t feel your true feelings.A man thinks you won’t be sentimental, but he forgets that you’re in deep emotional trouble.A man can accompany in your side, two people of the world colorful.Once the man chose to leave, your life is only lonely and desolate.He did not realize your pain, he is still deliberately alienated.A man will not take the initiative to care about your happiness and sorrow, he will no longer tolerate your misbehavior.When a man changes his mind, he becomes more and more selfish.A man begins to put himself at the center, and he stops looking out for a woman’s best interests.A man thinks a woman’s life is too simple. He has no sympathy for her difficulties.Men are no longer inclusive, women’s life on thin ice.There is no comfort in the relationship, women’s pressure is endless.Trust and respect are lost between two people, and two people no longer need to get along.The man began to force the woman with his will, and the woman had to swallow her pride in life.The man is trying to make trouble, he has always hated the existence of women.Women in his eyes have no use, he no longer see the woman of excellence.Without understanding and understanding, a man will single-handedly influence a woman’s opinion.A selfish man only takes care of his own emotions. He never understands empathy.Man is no longer patient, his attitude towards women is hot and cold.Selfish men find fault with women even when they are not.Poet Shakespeare said, “A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and you just have to let go.”Two people are destined to be doomed, the man is ready to get off at any time.Obviously he is very important to you, but his heart has long gone to the distance.Obviously you love him very much, but he is not willing to accompany you to go down.God arranged the meeting of two people, but can not save the outcome of two people.He doesn’t want to be there for you, and you don’t figure in his future plans.Start playing video games as soon as you take a break. A man who has changed his mind will never spend time with you.This want to get a place in love, round and round for a lifetime but can only wander in place.You’re trying your best to be in love, and they’re going in the opposite direction.At the beginning also want to save each other’s heart, to finally found that is asking for it.The other side has not paid all the energy from beginning to end, the woman’s wishful thinking can not get any results.A man won’t give you the cheapest time. He never really trusts you.A lifetime is too long for a man to play.He does not want to be delayed by you, will not accompany you through thick and thin.He says a few sweet words to you when he’s happy, puts you aside when he’s busy, your existence is irrelevant, your value is dispensable, he doesn’t care about you, he has other “important” things.Writer Eileen Chang said: “We also have good memories, but let the tears blurred.”Love was the imprint is engraved on my heart. now break up pain.Thought the harvest of love is a lifetime of happiness, now also for the original ignorance to pay the price.The man has produced two – hearted, two people’s feelings in vain.Even if a woman tries not to say it, a man will reveal it.There’s no need to throw away your youth for someone who doesn’t deserve it. Every relationship has its way.Be sure to take good care of your emotions and never hurt yourself.Pick up the mood can start again, you will be in the process of rushing to meet a more tacit life partner.