What is the meaning of the saying “if three guests often come to string together, the family will be ruined and the whole family will perish”?What exactly does “three guests” mean?

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Recent online often see “we are not living in an era of peace, but live in a country of peace”, is never pray for peace to come, only has a sword in his hand can really protect their riches and honour, and for a long time with the people of disaster, can really feel have the family is the kind of warm feeling, are composed of small home,It is a skill to make these families happy and healthy. As the ancients said, “Three guests often come to string, the family is defeated and the whole population dies.” What kind of guests can make the family perish?Three kinds of guests in everyone’s life, home is a kind of feelings can not give up, if there is something can let their home is threatened, we will certainly be wary of, in the end which three kinds of guests will let their family decline?In the impression of you, if you want to learn and stick seems to be very difficult, want that seems to be very easy, however, if someone is often in the home and gambling, good USES harsh, righteous man or is a person, may lead to their own family, and even on the destruction of tragedy.If the family often with gamblers together, the probability will be attracted, as the saying goes, “ten bet nine lose”, many gambling people owe a huge amount of gambling debt, if they also owe gambling debt, may let themselves and their family together to the hopeless situation;No matter in what period of society, all need is a wise person, if a person only know how to fight hard, sooner or later will let themselves and their families to decline;And so no person of faith, can not really establish a foothold in the society, who will have been friends with an unkind and unjust person in life, unkind and unjust people finally escape the fate of failure.Other meaning of the “three” and Lao tzu once said, all things have a Yin and Yang, a family’s failure could not simply because of their own reasons, many times also has the external reasons, is just like a dream of red mansions in Gu Fu finally defeat, even internal contradictions, the foot of the insect landscape, however, if there were no compliant wangfu external forces such as intervention, not as hard,The “three guests” in “Three Guests Often come on string” may also be the external cause of family decline.”Ce” say “LuZhongLian approaches in three”, the air here is the number of specific, but said there were many times, in the “national language” say “, saint in line at any time, you are punctual, timing, not put a guest “, “guest” is that the invading people here, if a family was an outsider invasion, to decline or JiaBaiRenWang is very possible.Like jin dynasty in the history of status, as the king of the eight JinHui emperor of the mess, though seriously weaken the strength of internal, but the country is complete, but five Hu Jin committed on the north side of the central plains, directly to the unified dynasty collapse warmth-loving creature, jin dynasty was divided into western and eastern jin period of history, also let China into a gone with hundreds of years,The Five Hu were the so-called “three guests”, which ultimately led to the downfall of the Jin dynasty and the death of its people.Conclusion the family life of people, go forward, in the cruise around each person’s face is permeated with the breath of the future, the ancients often tells many stories, however, tell everybody to sorrow is possible, if you want to own family to happiness for a long time, you need have been efforts to struggle, “three guest used to string,”Family defeat” seems to be like a word to spur everyone, let everyone have the world is peaceful, forget the war will be dangerous crisis consciousness, do you think so?