Zhang Sheng read eighteen of the Water Margin: Li Kui has no manners and never loses himself

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Li Kui, neither polite nor deficient in his own waters on Liangshan, who killed the most people?I count Lee dae.Look at him. When he robbed a court in Jiangzhou, he killed not only officers and soldiers, but also civilians.Because he killed countless people, killing innocent people, so the nickname is Skykilling Star.It is such indiscriminate killing innocent people, it is song Jiang’s friend recently, also is the key time can come out for Song Jiang, die without regret.What kind of person is Li Da?Li Kui nickname iron Ox, rivers and lakes known as “black whirlwind”, there is an old mother and a brother named Li Da.Because li Kui had killed a man, he fled and was pardoned, leaving him in Jiangzhou.In jiangzhou prison when a small prison son, is the gods of tai Zong’s men.After Song Jiang was dispatched to Jiangzhou, Li Da met Song Jiang, who had been attracted by song jiang for a long time, with the introduction of Dai Zong.Song Jiang lent li Kui one hundred taels of silver to gamble with, li Kui was extremely obeisance to his generosity.The three went to the pipa pavilion to drink, Song Jiang wanted to eat fresh fish, Li Kui went to beg and “lang Li Bai tiao” Zhang Shun fight up until Song Jiang, Dai Zong to stop.Zhang Shun also became good friends with three people from then on.What does Li Kui like?Four things: wine, meat, gambling, trouble.Before he met Song Jiang, “he was a headless god and had no place to live.He is a typical “proletarian”.After followed to song Jiang, big bowl of wine big meat tube enough, gambling money although did not write, but presumably will not be short of.But because Li Kui is too good at making trouble, no big brother is willing to give him to settle, so he only have to endure, so he met Song Jiang before the mix even have no residence.What is Song Jiang’s attitude towards Li Kui?Come with me, brother. Mess with me all you want. I won’t blame you.When Li Kui was preparing fish for Song Jiang, he beat zhang Shun, who was selling fish teeth.You low-level punk beat up a black boss who ruled several vegetable markets and no one dared to sell vegetables without his word, do you think it would be a small thing?But Song Jiang used his face to smooth him out.Just sat down to drink, Li Kui and then hit a girl who was singing fainted.Song Jiang said to the girl’s parents, “Send some men to the camp with me, and I will pay you two hundred taels of silver. I will marry my daughter and she won’t have to sing here.”He did not say that this was the compensation for Li Kui’s beating. This was to tell Li Kui: “Brother, you did nothing wrong. If you have anything to deal with, you can fight with me freely.”What did Li Da do for Song Jiang?One is the Jiangzhou robbery site.When Song Jiang was sentenced to be beheaded for writing anti-poems in Xunyang Lou, Li Dahe took two wooden axes and robbed the court regardless of everything. After that, he and the liangshan people broke into the wuwei Army and killed Huang Wenbing. This is a knife inserted into both sides of the ribs for friends.Second, after chao Gai died in Liangshan, Song Jiang wanted to abdicate Lu Junyi, li Kui said: “If my brother let others do the Lord of shanzhai, I will kill the general up!”Wu Song said, “My brother will make us feel cold.”Song Jiang shouted, “What have you saved?Don’t talk!”Roh joon-ui bowed down, saying, Roh will not be safe if his elder brother makes a compromise.Visible key time, Li Da can always cooperate with Song Jiang to play a good play.Third, in the middle of Zhao ‘an, Li Da caused a great disturbance in Tokyo. After Zhao ‘an, li Da participated in the campaigns against liao, Tian Hu, Wang Qing and Fang La, and made outstanding achievements.Fourth, after Song Jiang was given poisoned wine by the imperial court, he made Li Da drink poisoned wine for fear that li Da would rebel again.When Li Da found out, he did not complain, saying, “I was a servant of my brother when I was alive, but I am just a little boy under my brother when I die.”He followed Song Jiang.As Song Jiang’s assistant, Li Dahe spent his whole life trying to be happy, regardless of the consequences.The communication between Song Jiang and Li Da is a bit like that between Liu Bei and Zhang Fei.That is, if you want happiness, I will give you happiness, if you want money to spend freely, if you trouble me, it is actually “the loveliness behind barbarism, the attachment behind loyalty, and the fulfillment behind trouble”.With these points, naturally became a close little brother.