A shares: north capital increase warehouse list first look!12 shares of smart funds grab more than 500 million yuan!

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In the first week after the holiday, the trend of the three major A-share indexes was differentiated. Among them, the Shanghai Composite Index stabilized and rebounded, and stood at 3,500 points during the session. While the Shenzhen Component index and the GEM index continued to adjust, especially the GEM index hit A new low in the last trading day.In terms of foreign capital, in the first week after the Holiday, the northward capital bought 10.744 billion yuan net, while the Shanghai-Stock Connect and the Shenzhen-stock Connect also showed obvious differentiation, with the Shanghai-stock Connect maintaining net buying every trading day, while the Shenzhen-stock connect was selling net every trading day. It is not difficult to see that the main battlefield of market capital is still in the main board of The Shanghai stock Market.In terms of the plate, the big financial plate became the main target of the northbound capital after the holiday, with banks, insurance and securities brokers all receiving net purchases of northbound capital to varying degrees.Among them, the banking sector received a net purchase of 7.209 billion yuan, insurance and securities sectors received a net inflow of 4.259 billion yuan and 1.231 billion yuan, respectively.In addition, precious metals, non-ferrous metal plate also received more than 2 billion yuan of northbound capital net buying.In 2022, the prosperity of non-ferrous metals is still high. In fact, since last year, the price of non-ferrous metals has been maintained at a high level. According to statistics, in 2021, the average spot price of copper, aluminum, nickel and zinc will increase by 40.5%, 33.5%, 22.64% and 22.1% year-on-year respectively.In addition, the wine industry, engineering construction, cement building materials, power industry, shipping ports, power grid equipment and other industries also obtained more than 500 million yuan of warehouse expansion.Social finance off to a good start!Data on financial and social financing in January showed that the amount of social financing increased by 6.17 trillion yuan, 984.2 billion yuan more than the same period of last year and the highest in a single month.Yuan loans rose 3.98 trillion yuan in the month, also the highest on record, up 394.4 billion yuan from a year earlier.In addition, entrusted loans increased by 42.8 billion yuan, 33.7 billion yuan more than last year.Individual stocks, affected by the better-than-expected social finance data in January, financial stocks became the main target of northbound funds to increase positions, with four of the top ten net purchases made by Northbound funds being financial stocks.These 4 shares are Ping An of China, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, China Pacific Insurance, respectively, the northbound capital net purchase of 3.331 billion, 2.391 billion, 1.451 billion, 615 billion.In the top ten, there are two stocks belonging to the non-ferrous metal industry, respectively Zijin Mining and Aluminum Corporation of China.Among them, Zijin Mining acquired a total net purchase of 2.235 billion yuan by the northbound fund, adding more than 10 million shares every trading day, and its total holding reached 1.514 billion shares, a record high.Northbound capital increase more than 500 million yuan of stocks!Ping an of China: Northbound capital in the past 5 trading days accumulated net buying 3.331 billion yuan;China’s leading insurance, business across the insurance, banking, investment and other fields, the company covers the whole country, with insurance business as the core, with a unified brand to provide customers with insurance, banking and other diversified financial services.China Merchants Bank: Northbound capital in the past 5 trading days net buying 2.391 billion yuan;Leading retail banks with significantly more retail customers than other joint-stock commercial banks, leading and unique competitive advantages in retail finance business, retail finance has formed systematic advantages composed of customers, products, channels, brands, etc.Zijin Mining: Northbound capital bought 2.235 billion yuan in the past 5 trading days;The company is mainly engaged in the exploration and development of gold, copper, zinc and other mineral resources worldwide, moderately extended smelting and processing and trade business, etc. It has core technologies in geological exploration, hydrometallurgy, comprehensive recovery and utilization of low-grade and refractory resources and large-scale engineering development, ranking the industry leader.Industrial Bank: Northbound capital in the past 5 trading days net buying 1.451 billion yuan;As one of the first joint-stock commercial banks, it is a comprehensive financial service group covering trust, leasing, funds, futures, asset management, consumer finance, Internet finance, and research and consulting. In 20 years, it has total assets of 7.89 trillion yuan and net interest income of 143.515 billion yuan.Kweichow Moutai: Northbound capital bought 986 million yuan in the past 5 trading days;As one of the two leading high-end liquor in China, as a typical representative of Maotai-flavor liquor in China, it is also the first product of origin region protection in China’s liquor industry. The company’s business scope includes the production and sales of Maotai series products.Lixun Precision: Northbound capital in the past 5 trading days cumulative net purchase of 926 million yuan;As the core supplier of Wireless charging transmitter for Apple and the core assembler of AirPods, the company focuses on the development, production and sales of connectors, and takes a leading position in the computer connector sub-industry.Goer Shares: Northbound capital bought 821 million yuan in the past 5 trading days;Acoustic industry leader, the company’s main business for electro-acoustic devices and electronic accessories business.The main products of the company’s electro-acoustic device business are micro microphone, micro speaker, speaker module and other electronic components, etc. Lead Intelligence: North capital in the past 5 trading days accumulated net purchase of 717 million yuan;Leading domestic high-end lithium battery equipment, the company specializes in high-end automation equipment r & D, design, production and sales, for lithium batteries, photovoltaic cells/modules, film capacitors and other energy-saving and new energy products manufacturers to provide high-end automatic intelligent equipment and solutions.Aluminum Corporation of China (CHALCO) : Northbound capital bought 616 million yuan in the past 5 trading days;Domestic aluminum industry absolute leader;Formed bauxite mining, alumina smelting, electrolytic aluminum and alloy products to produce a complete industrial chain;The company’s alumina production capacity is the world’s first, primary aluminum production capacity is the world’s second, fine alumina production capacity is the world’s first;In 20 years, the company sold 7.74 million tons of alumina and 3.68 million tons of electrolytic aluminum.20 years aluminum industry revenue of 182.659 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 98.21% of the revenueChina’s leading comprehensive insurance group, its life insurance and property insurance business are ranked the third in China;The company’s main business is around the insurance industry chain, through its subsidiaries to provide various risk protection, wealth planning, asset management and other products and services, the company’s main products are life insurance, third-party asset management, pension business.Changjiang Electric Power: Northbound capital bought 612 million yuan in the past 5 trading days;China’s largest listed hydropower company, the company takes large-scale hydropower operation as its main business, operates and manages or is entrusted with the management of three Gorges Hydropower Station, Gezhouba Hydropower Station, Xiluodu Hydropower Station, Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station and other cascade hydropower stations in the Yangtze River Basin, providing high-quality, stable and reliable clean energy to the society.Conch cement: northbound capital nearly 5 trading days net buying 580 million yuan;China’s largest national regional cement manufacturer, the company’s main business is cement, commercial clinker, aggregate and concrete production, sales.The company has successively built 5 super large clinker bases of 10 million tons in Tongling, Yingde, Chizhou, Zhongyang and Wuhu, and built 3 12000 tons production lines in Wuhu and Tongling, Anhui, which represent the world’s most advanced technology level.Opinions vary from person to person. 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