Investment of 100 billion yuan!Ningxia will build a third cross-provincial energy transmission channel

2022-07-28 0 By

On February 17, the reporter learned from the Ningxia Development and Reform Commission that Ningxia will cooperate with Hunan and State Grid Co., Ltd. to build a direct current power transmission project from Ningxia to Hunan.This is the country’s first clean energy-based power transmission channel project, which will drive the development of 13 million kilowatts of new energy in Ningxia and 40 billion kilowatt-hours of new energy-based power annually. It is expected to drive investment of about 100 billion yuan and increase the power transmission to more than 100 billion kilowatt-hours.The project is beneficial for the promotion of ningxia new energy given to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, maintain a healthy steady economic growth in ningxia, ningxia clean energy resource advantage into economic advantage, booster of integrated demonstration area of ningxia in the construction of a new national energy, speed up the construction of ecological protection and high quality development area in the Yellow River basin is of great significance.”West-east power transmission” is the most effective means to solve China’s electricity supply and demand and large-scale development of new energy consumption, the western provinces are actively seeking national support for the construction of power transmission projects.Ningxia hui autonomous region party committee, government planning in advance to hunan HVDC project, ningxia, its ningxia electric power company in ningxia National Development and Reform Commission and other departments (units) actively promote the early stage of the project each work, into the national “difference” modern energy system planning, listed as “national electric power development planning” difference “” key projects across the province interregional transmission channel,It is the project with the most solid preliminary work, the most favorable construction conditions and the most mature start-up conditions among the national “three crossings and nine straight” transmission projects.At present, ningxia and Hunan provinces have a highly unified understanding, and the consultation on docking is progressing smoothly. The tripartite agreement jointly agreed with State Grid Corporation of China,It embodies the principles of “profitability of power generation enterprises, affordability of power users, full absorption of new energy and full delivery of channels” proposed by Ningxia and the requirements of “government leading, enterprise operation, market principle and multi-win goal” proposed by Hunan province.The clear supporting power supply, trading mechanism, power transmission curve, dispatching relationship, settlement principle, electricity price mechanism, agreement period, etc., meet the relevant requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration.Under the background of the national implementation of the “dual carbon” strategy, the project coordinates the cooperation of industry, energy and investment between Ningxiang and Hunan provinces through the construction of “one park and one base”, and further deepens the new mode of cooperation between the central and western regions in the new era.(Wang Jianhong zhang Wenpan, Journalist of Guangming Daily)