Li Chen’s noodle shop, which once waited in line for an hour when it opened, is now deserted

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Star income is considerable, but unstable, in order to protect many, many stars develop sideline, preferred catering industry, low threshold relying on personal fame is easy to open visibility, general opening is very hot, but it is difficult to long.Li Chen’s noodle shop, now also facing the same dilemma, when it opened, once queued for an hour to eat, but now it is cold, no one cares, so bleak support, do not know how to support when?Tangshan International trade north district of this shop, the storefront is not big, but the table number is enough, the environment is clean and tidy.The main oil spicy noodles, taste is general, the service is poor, the reason why there is such a situation, is certainly not in place, the star opened a restaurant, certainly can not personally manage, entrust to others, most will appear in this situation.A bowl of oily and spicy noodles without beef costs 23 yuan, 38 yuan with beef, and 18 yuan with pure vegetarian noodles in soup. Compared with ordinary restaurants, the price is higher. The amount of noodles is a little small, and people who eat a lot can’t eat enough in a bowl.The price of noodle restaurants opened by stars is usually high. The customers go to the noodle restaurants because they like stars at the beginning. Whether they can keep the customers after eating depends on the taste, service and price.If all three are unattractive, it’s hard to get repeat customers.Star restaurants with traffic, don’t need to have very high popularity propaganda, than this is impossible, but as the road flies out in a restaurant fire durable, it is just because of the lack of the core competitiveness, the ancients cloud, an inter-bank not usury, people are into an inter-bank money now, but the person who can take the rare, even if the star is not exceptional also.So-called pedal-driven vehicles don’t judge a sweaty, see other people it’s easy to make money, do know yourself is not easy, just like we see stars simply bounce have generous returns, but in fact, their pressure is bigger, more difficult to make money, hope the stars good grinding performance, to give the audience a better work, such a thing, to open a restaurant or to the ordinary people to do it,Ordinary people do not do the star meng, their own work due diligence to complete good!