Liuyang Huaichuan Street: carefully with love woven tightly woven “epidemic prevention network”

2022-07-28 0 By

This article is from: People’s Daily online “Early boss!Your “location code” is not conspicuous in the store, I will help you stick it on the door, so that it is more convenient for customers to scan the code when entering the store!Be sure to protect yourself and remind customers to wear masks and scan for registration.”On the morning of March 24, Song Qing, an official of liuyang Huaichuan Sub-district, hurried to binhe Road in Huaichuan sub-district to visit about 30 businesses he contacted, reminding them door-to-door to implement epidemic prevention and control measures and do a good job of protection.Huaichuan Street is located in the center of liuyang City, with a large residential population and prosperous trade and service industry under its jurisdiction. There are more than 4000 commercial stores gathered here. Chaoyang community of Huaichuan Street alone has more than 800 clothing stores, supermarkets, restaurants, food stores and other commercial stores.At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex. In order to build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control, the streets adhere to scientific guidance and category-based measures in the face of the characteristics of many commercial enterprises and businesses in their districts, long lines and wide areas.As early as March 14, Huaichuan Street took the lead in carrying out a “joint action of government officials and merchants”. All government officials went down to the community, and each official contacted 30 to 50 merchants point-to-point, and sent them “epidemic prevention gift packages” :”One to one” help to apply for the “venue code”, and print the verified “venue code” and “send the code to the door”;All merchants in the jurisdiction are included in the wechat group, and the notification of epidemic prevention policy requirements, information tracking and nucleic acid testing is immediately communicated.Household publicity of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, distribution of “Epidemic Prevention and Control Notice”, “Red and yellow Code processing process Guide”;At the same time, voluntary persuasion will be carried out to urge merchants to fulfill their main responsibilities and do a good job in personnel registration, investigation, inspection of “site code” and other management work.”Hello, remember to remind the store staff to keep a safe distance, if there is any abnormal situation, you can contact me at the first time, or report to the street and community!”On March 23, just after dinner, liu Lian, a government official, came to the stores he contacted to check the implementation of epidemic prevention work and the paste of “site code” in more than 20 stores along the line.In the process of door-to-door service, it was found that some businesses did not stock up on masks and other epidemic prevention materials in time, and government officials also sent emergency supplies to help businesses do a good job of protection.”We all see your heart, it is really hard!In our street again and again, door-to-door reminders, not only hand in hand to teach us to apply for ‘location code’, but also considerate help to print ‘send code to door’, thank you!We will fully cooperate with you to ensure the prevention and control of COVID-19 as required.”Tan rope art boss to come to the street cadre said.In the face of the epidemic, action is the most sonorous and powerful language.Cadres of huaichuan street organs in full force, full sinking contact with more than 4,000 businesses, with the heart, to guide business enterprises to do enough “epidemic prevention homework”, with practical action to highlight responsibility, effectively build a tight set up the area of business enterprises epidemic prevention and control “first barrier”.(Chen Zhen, Xiong Wanjun, Hu Juncheng)