People with high uric acid should pay more attention and eat less of these 3 fruits in winter. Uric acid may be more stable

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From clinical endocrine diseases of high uric acid hematic disease the high-risk sexual disease and the number of younger age, high uric acid hematic disease clinically and uric acid in the body ill mechanism is largely due to higher metabolic hormone and endocrine hormone secretion disorder or metabolic disorders, resulting in chronic metabolic endocrine disease.According to the age of hyperuricemia and the uric acid status in the body, medical staff in clinical practice will formulate drugs to inhibit uric acid synthesis or improve their own diet and lifestyle to prevent the clinical status of arthritis or skeletal deformity caused by high uric acid.Clinical hyperuricemia is a common clinical disease caused by metabolic disorders of digestive and liver organs to purine substances and high carbohydrate intake.Clinically, primary hyperuricemia, secondary hyperuricemia or asymptomatic hyperuricemia are clinical diseases caused by long-term intake of purine substances or taking hormone drugs and indigestion of gastrointestinal organs and liver organs.Congenital purine metabolism abnormalities or disorders in the body can induce obesity, type 2 diabetes, lipid abnormalities, abnormal secretion of blood vessels, pathological changes of organs in the body, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other risks.Clinically or high uric acid level is high uric acid hematic disease, degree of stability of organs is largely due to the body of the stomach and metabolic product long-term exposure to some fruit or high carbohydrate foods causes a clinical disease, according to their own state of uric acid and blood routine detection mechanisms to develop a suitable for their own fruit products and preventive fruit,Avoid the pathogenesis of complication and secondary disease caused by the extreme increase of high uric acid.1. Strawberry Strawberry is rich in vitamin A, fat-soluble vitamin E, vitamin B12, zinc, high-quality carbohydrates and calcium content is relatively rich.For those who suffer from constipation and gastrointestinal diseases, nutrient supplement of strawberry can promote the peristaltic activity of intestines and stomach and the operation activity of metabolic hormone level. For those who suffer from clinical hyperuricemia or extremely high uric acid, strawberry is rich in oxalic acid and calcium.As the gastrointestinal peristalsis vigor and metabolic hormones running active absorption of strawberry contains oxalic acid substances will form calcium oxalate in the body to produce crystalline state, with blood and oxidation mechanism of calcium oxalate crystals will be deposited in the joints, increase the wear degree of bone and joint damage state, aggravating illness mechanism of gout.2, Yang mei with gastrointestinal disease or clinical liver upsets people use arbutus of active substances, to generate thirst, stimulates cell activity of movement, eliminate accumulation of liver toxicity reaction, Yang mei is rich in nutrients and active substances for high uric acid hematic disease is a kind of the thing, Yang mei containing high fructose and glucose,These two kinds of ingredients account for 56.7% of the nutrients contained in them. Long-term contact with waxberry for hyperuricemia will consume a large amount of glucose and fructose, which will affect the metabolism of uric acid in the kidney and liver, resulting in inhibition and reduction of uric acid metabolism.3, coconut clinical basic metabolic rate or obesity in the body for the long-term use of coconut to improve the body’s degree of disease and fat digestion, digestion experts point out:Coconut for intestinal organs and tissues in the body cells is a kind of fruit with high heat and high fat, same weight compared with coconut meat, contains high fat and high quantity of heat more instead, easy to give the body all the tissues and organs and cells to produce large amounts of fatty substances, thereby to impact the body of the uric acid metabolism and digestion.02 uric acid increased systemic involvement, adhere to the three little tips in life, or will make high uric acid is more and more far from you, right amount motion according to their own state of uric acid and the growth of various organs in the body structure to develop a suitable for their own sports, healthy movement project and energy in order to improve the metabolism of the body’s hormone levels and oxidation mechanism, promote urination and mechanism of the excretion of uric acid,Increase the number of toxic substances and acid excretion by the body. In the process of exercise, it also helps to increase the metabolic hormone level of the body and act on lactate, effectively helping uric acid to produce a powerful metabolic mechanism.2, to clinical gout and bones of walking ability produce abnormal state is high uric acid hematic disease the most typical complications, prevention of high uric acid hematic disease in the first place to the body of the organization bone calcium intake rich material and thermal structure, avoid walking ability under the influence of high uric acid hematic disease condition for a long time cause organ damage,Increased wear and tear on the joints causing gout and impaired walking.3. Replenish water The long-term high incidence of hyperuricemia or hyperuricemia will cause the degree of lesions in the body and organ complications. People with hyperuricemia themselves can use nutritional water and health tea suitable for themselves according to their uric acid level.Adding an appropriate amount of corn beard, mulberry leaves, gardenia, wolfberry and other food materials in the water is conducive to regulating the tissue cells and excretory organs of the body, regulating the concentration of uric acid value and excreting uric acid stored in the kidney organs for a long time.To sum up: Clinically hyperuricemia and people with high uric acid can control their daily diet structure, drinking water structure and exercise structure according to their uric acid value. Comprehensive conditioning is more conducive to the oxidation state of tissues, cells and organs of the body, so as to achieve a healthy body and body.Guide to Summer Regimen