Ren Luyu Spring Festival gala mouth ladle without heat search, was grilled and wealthy female low-key marriage, open life is very low-key

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In recent years, viewers of the Spring Festival Gala seem to have had one more magical pleasure: scanning microscopes for CCTV hosts’ missteps.Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, Ren Luyu unexpectedly, understandably become the C host.Then this after Kang Hui alleged not to be wrong after host big god mouth gourd gourd instant was caught by the audience.Of course, we treat it in an entertaining way, which is harmless and even kind of cute.After all, next to the Sa Beining also “this, this” a good ~ Lao Sa professional degree is high, skin is thick;Ren Luyu did not mention much let, also began to pout to sell meng.Who said that this is not a kind of improvisation, see the action of the foundation of the host?In fact, there is no official announcement on the lineup of hosts for the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, but it seems everyone in the audience is sure that the C slot should go to ren Luyu, the newly crowned CCTV chief.Since 1984, when Zhao Zhongxiang controlled the rhythm of the Spring Festival Gala as a host, the biggest show of the year has been using the best hosts.As a result, it became a common practice that one must become the “CCTV top brother” if he wanted to stand on the C-position in the Spring Festival Gala.01 CCTV one elder brother’s replacement Zhao Zhongxiang teacher presided over the Spring Festival Gala, everything is still in the groping, there is no so-called “one elder brother” title, but review of the 12 years he presided over the Spring Festival Gala, no mistakes, so become the absolute leader of the Spring Festival Gala presided over.After his departure, the baton was passed to Zhu Jun, who has hosted the gala for 21 years on CCTV and has been a “pillar of existence”.However, in 2018, for reasons known to all, Zhu Jun had to say goodbye to hosting the Spring Festival Gala.Want to know that year “Spring Festival Gala”, originally or Zhu Jun to host, such an unexpected appearance, by who will replace Zhu Jun?It becomes a very mysterious thing.This time and Zhao Zhongxiang and Zhu Jun’s “pick up the baton” is different, there is no leisurely time to exercise, can only stand in the weekdays more optimistic which male host.The answer was revealed in the 2018 Spring Festival Gala, when Ren Luyu stood on the main stage of the show together with Kang Hui, Zhu Xun, Li Sisi and Nig Maiti, becoming the “First brother” candidate.Unfortunately, in that year, the young host team was faced with the most fatal error of “zero hour”.The party due to the early program did not control the time, nearly to zero, there is a full 5 minutes of error.These time must rely on 5 hosts to “block up”, in the face of “just baked” temporary manuscript, they even have no time to draft, so caught up with the field, fortunately everything goes well, in the audience unknowingly, support to “zero”.At that time, Ren Luyu was just one of the five hosts.But three years have passed, and Ren is growing up fast and hosting the gala continuously.His “kung Fu” finally showed in 2021, with the “zero hour” five times, proved his professional quality and excellent ability, took the audience’s heart of the “CCTV one brother” position.In the impression of the broad public, celebrities have their own legends, it seems that only after the wind and waves, to achieve a brilliant life.However, Ren Luyu, who was born at the grassroots, tells us that her perseverance, calm and calm life is no match for ups and downs.02 solid life trajectory looking at now serious “news face” Ren Luyu, who would not have thought that he was a child in everyone’s eyes “bear child”, often get into trouble, so that as a teacher’s father is angry and funny.His father was a Chinese teacher in high school, so even though most boys don’t like liberal arts, Ren has a preference.At the same time, he also liked to read poems and articles by himself. His father, who was good at guiding, discovered his child’s hobby and asked him to “read aloud” with a clear and correct accent.However, he secretly decided to become an announcer after he entered the Department of Chinese Literature at Henan University.Under the environment of complete relaxation after entering the university, Ren Luyu, who had no family advantages, went to henan TV station for an internship with her own efforts and excellent grades, making a small step towards her broadcasting dream.During the internship, he once thought that he had no chance with the host.He had to proofread manuscripts all day long and put in more effort than others, but still had no official job.Fortunately, he did not give up and finally god gave him a chance.It was a scheduled program. The host could not come because of something, so Ren Luyu “asked for the battle” and firmly seized the opportunity.What’s more, his first performance surprised the leaders, and he finally proved with strength that he could become a potential host of Henan TV station.Later he did not pick, in Henan Taiwan like a duck in water work, really dream is realized.Later, he worked like a duck to water in Henan Province without any choice. Indeed, his dream came true.He won the first place in the competition with super business ability, but at that time CCTV has regulations, in the local station tenure of 5 years, can go to CCTV do host.Although he was disappointed, but did not bow down, quietly returned to the local TV station, saved enough five years of term, he gave up the iron rice bowl in Henan, CCTV to do a Beijing piao.Like a practitioner, he sought a place for himself in the more intense CCTV environment.Start from the most marginal grassroots, slowly let the audience and the station to accept, after some fame, then look at a higher stage, with time and results to prove that they can finally stand on a larger stage to control the overall situation, this is a “grassroots” host voice.The ren Luyu that shines on the stage, have temperature all the more however in life, also found a same low-key wife adult for oneself.She is the daughter of The boss of Kelle Technology zhu Jing, net spread her personal property has dozens of billions.What’s more, she is an excellent student herself. She graduated from The University of London, majoring in journalism and media Arts, and completed a master’s degree in international management at the University of London.The couple did not announce a high-profile marriage and kept their private lives private.But from the variety shows Ren has participated in, we can see that he is a good master at home.Daily rolling noodles cooking easy, not only in the career of calm, in life is introverted, like ordinary people generally immersed in firewood, rice, oil and salt, do not like to bask in their own happiness, maintain a unique simple and calm.The luyu Spring Festival gala mouth ladle did not like Sa Beining on the heat search, at the same time before also be dragnet spread and rich family female low-key marriage, now become CCTV one elder brother, but modest he is facing the life that opens to hang but very low-key.Perhaps Ren luyu’s spectacular life is more in line with the public’s imagination of a “grassroots” hero than the colorful deeds of a great man.